Friday, June 03, 2005

Photo Friday - Rare

PhotoFriday - Rare

This weeks challenge is 'Rare'. I took this picture near our farm of an unfinished wall and a native species of acacia. As people in Libya build walls around their land and farms they remove native plants. It used to be in Libya that you seldom saw a wall in the countrysides. People would make a small dirt hill around the border of their property and plant cactus and other thorny plants which would grow to form a natural barrier (tabia). Within these natural barriers would grow many native plants and trees. It would become an entire ecosystem where plants, insects, birds and small animals would flourish.

Nowadays these natural barriers are disapearing as people build walls. The walls came as a result of a rise in crime and people began to feel insecure. We have a wall around part of our land, but Mustafa swears that he will remove it and go back to the old way - as soon as the crime rate falls. . .
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