Friday, June 03, 2005

The workers moved a large pile of blocks and disturbed an owl's nest. They moved the chicks and tried to recreate the nest. For a while it looked as though the mother owl was going to go along with the move and take care of her chicks. But after a while she abandoned them. One by one they died until there was only one left. The worker rescued it, put it ina cage and is looking after it. I'm not sure if it will survive. Posted by Hello


  1. what a beautiful owl :) , when you finish your villa on the farm will you go and live there ? by the way have you heard from fatimaslibya? she should be in Libya by now!

  2. Yes, we will move there when it ever gets finished. I hope that we get a phone out there, because without a phone my life will be very different! I'll have to get into town to get to the internet!

    Fatimaslibya has arrived. She is in Zawia staying with her inlaws until they find someplace to rent.

  3. I suggest you start lobbying for a phone from now you should get it by the time you move into the house :)

  4. hmmm...I would say "no phone"... "no move"... that owl is gorgeous... hope it survives...

  5. We have applied for a phone about two years ago. Some bigwig has moved into the neighborhood and it looks as though the roads will be paved in our area soon - and telephones will be put in. It will just require patience - easier said than done!

  6. My brother in law once had a owl named WHO . My brother in law wrote a letter to us and in the letter he said that who had died . My mother and I racked our brains for hours trying to figure out just who in the world had died ! Then it finally dawned on us that he had meant Who the Owl ! We laughed for hours !Sydney


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