Friday, June 10, 2005

Photo Friday - Nerdy

This weeks Photo Friday topic is NERDY. This is my husband's nephew - definitely a nerdy looking little kid. Posted by Hello


  1. How old is he? 7? When I was in Libya, we were surprised to see very few Libyans wearing glasses. My mom assumed that Libyans ate a lot of that true?

  2. Libyans have had a thing about glasses. They don't as a rule like to admit to having any vision problems. They don't want anyone to think they have 'sick eyes' so they choose not to wear glasses and just squint alot.

    Things are changing though. Especially now that so many females are driving and to get a drivers licence they have to pass a vision test - this means they have to get glasses if they need them. Also contact lenses are available - in lot's of pretty colours too!

    Actually my sister in law didn't want her son to get glasses. But I had a long talk with her about how important it would be to have his vision corrected early in his life (he has crossed eyes) Actually, now his eyes are improving and the doctor says he may eventually be able to go without the glasses.

  3. interesting photo, and a culture lesson. This is great!

  4. how cute ..yeah that is nerdy allright ...just like me at that age with my glasses lol

  5. Aw, my little sis had a lazy eye and wore glasses (and a patch) from 1 up- glasses have come far from then!


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