Monday, June 06, 2005


Today is a big day for Yusef. We went early this morning to the hospital. The doctor ordered a pain killing shot for Yusef and then they removed his cast and pulled out the metal rods - he had three of them that travelled up the length of his arm. It was a bit painfull and Yusef was upset. It was scary having the cast cut off and when they removed the rods there was some bleeding. But Yusef survived the ordeal. The doctor had a good look at his arm - which looked really yucky - all hairry and with all kinds of skin that hadn't sloughed off naturally. They put another cast on - this time only up to his elbo and gave him some exercises to do for the next two weeks. Then he will have that cast removed.

Yusef was kind of depressed that he had to have another cast. But he was more upset that he wouldn't be having to go to physical therapy. He had been looking forward to being the center of attention at the physical therapy center - but the doctor said it was unneccesary as he could do some exercises on his own at home. Big sigh of releif from Mustafa and me as we would have had to get him to PT had it been ordered.

I have a day off tomorrow - I'm going to spend it looking for bathroom and kitchen tile with Mustafa. This could be nice, or it could turn out to be an ordeal. And guess what? You'll be reading about it soon!

In the meantime - the cat is in heat - mewwwing, yowling and making life miserable for those that have to live with her. Poor kitty!


  1. poor yusuf... sounds horrible having metal rods in your arm.. I guess you could tell him he is like the terminator... or the guy in I-Robot - he had one fake arm... glad they are out - hope it heals ok... and re: cat in heat - our cats are fixed, but our dog isn't... we went through that recently... blah.

  2. salamtu to Yusuf, he will get better soon, as for the cats, ours is fixed as well, she loves roaming too much and since she's siamese we keep having all these unwanted kittens last pregnancy she nearly died so I said not she's quire old now ;)


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