Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Still doing the tile thing

Still working on buying tile for the house. There are all kinds of choices - from basic and cheap to fancy and expensive.

Tiles and plumbing supplies - an entire street filled with shop after shop.

Bathtubs and sinks come in all shapes and sizes. Some shops have toilets that are fancier than my best dishes.

We're buying some tiles from this shop - they had a lovely selection and they even had toilets made in the USA! You know, the kind with a high water level in the bowl and when you flush, the water swirls around and around as it goes down.

We are still shopping for tile. Today we purchased the laundry room tile which is a very light shade of pink with white swirls. We think we have the spare room's bathroom tile chosen {kind of art deco looking} and the bathroom next to the marbowah or traditional Arabic sitting room {natural looking smooth stone in a creamy beige}.

We are saving the kitchen for last - I did see something nice while we've been looking around, but we decided that we would wait and do the kitchen all by itself so we can really focus on it.

In the mean time we will be looking for lighting fixtures and we need doors and windows made and put in - the work for that has started. This is getting exciting - it is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Posted by Hello


  1. My God, this must be exhausting. Even by just reading your entry, i felt breathless. Gosh, I think I know what it feels like when I'm going to get my house built in a few years time. Man, all the thinking & decision making will turn my hair gray.

  2. I've always wondered how the shops selling the same types of things can actually stay in buisness.

    Don't the tiles all look the same after a while? :)

  3. It is exhausting and confusing. Yes the tiles all start to look the same. But it is nice that most of the tile shops in the city are in the same area so you are not driving all over town too. Another nice thing is that if you like something in one shop but they don't have the accent peice you want or you want to see if you can match the tile with something from another shop you can take a sample of it and go to the other shops with it. When you finish you just bring the sample peice back to who you took it from.

    I will be happy when we are through with buying tile. We are allready on a 1st name basis with many of the shop keepers! I think they must be as tired of looking at us as we are of them!


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