Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Is my daughter a peice of meat?

Well, yesterday we went off to the wedding as planned. I took my girls and we all looked very nice - all dressed in our finest. While at the wedding the brides mother came to our table and said there was a woman interested in my daughter and asked if she was available. This is the way matches are made in this part of the world. I laughed and said to tell the woman thank you, but my daughter being only on the verge of fifteen was much too young. We all had a giggle over it.

A while later the woman herself came to the table and stuck her hand out at me to shake. She was very abrupt about it all which I thought was pretty weird, but even weirder was that she completely ignorred the person sitting next to me and turned to my daughter to shake her hand. While she did this she looked my daughter up and down. It was disgusting! It was like she was checking out a peice of meat. Then she left. It was all so obvious that she was just checking out the goods. Who on earth would want to have that woman as a mother-in-law? So very low-class!

Other than that the wedding was fine. It was in a huge wedding hall that for some reason was decorated in pea-green. It had green spotlights too and did absolutely nothing to make anyones make-up look nice. Actually we all had a kind of greenish look to our complexions. These wedding halls must be designed by men who have no idea how women look in different kinds of lighting. Some of these wedding halls even have florescent lighting which make women look ghastly! I suppose if you are going out looking for a girl to marry your son off to you would have to consider the lighting. Obviously this lady though my daughter looked pretty good even though she looked a bit green!

Another wedding on Saturday - wedding season is in full swing!


  1. Just came across your blog and wanted to say its very interesting. I've wanted to travel to Libya, it looks so green on t.v, nothing like Saudi (where I am).

    Its a shame that girls have to parade themselves at weddings hoping to catch the eye of women of various families. Happens here all the time, display the goods as if that is all there is to a future bride. Great looks and good spacious birthing hips!! :)

  2. It doesn't feel very green here - but maybe more green than Saudi.

    Yes it is ugly the way they go out hunting for brides in this part of the world - but even uglier is the behavour of the girls who often do everything they can to attract attention. Dancing away like maniacs and wearig clothes that look like they should be only worn by hookers. Party clothes are getting way too wild these days.

    Hmmmm . . . maybe I'm becoming a fuddy-duddy in my old age!

  3. wow. on the one hand I can't imagine that... but on the other hand - my own mother used to insist when we were young that we "looked our best" (ie. hair, clothes and eventually makeup) so that one day, we could catch that perfect man... I think this type of thing happens in all cultures... young women think they have to "sell" themselves to get a good catch... even here in North America... really sad.

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  5. I would freak out if a woman approach me and looked at me from head to toe. It's downright scary. I felt uncomfortable when my mom's friend suggested that I could you know, be her daughter in law. Yikes I don't even know her son, & he is a year younger than me. I mean I'm not that particular about age but, I know this women, she's nice but I prefer to know the guy first. Then only get to know the mother. Who am I marrying the mother or him?

  6. Actually red_enclave you're marrying the whole family unless the guy is prepared to strike them off. That is the same for somebody you meet and fall in love with or somebody in an arranged marriage

  7. Well, yeah, you're right, but maybe I'm just not ready for the married life. It scares the hell out of me..You have to take care of some one else too. Gosh, I don't think I'm that matured, I wonder if I'll ever be getting married!


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