Friday, June 24, 2005

Pet meme

I've been given a meme challenge about pets from my blogger friend anotherlisa. I have to answer these questions and then tag three other bloggers. Here's the questions:

1. What is your favorite type of animal that you have had as a pet?
2. What is the strangest/most different name one of your pets has had?
3. Describe something bizarre that one of your pets has done.
4. Have you ever eaten dog biscuits? (or other pet related products?)
5. Have you ever let your pet sleep with you?
6. Do you take your pet on vacation with you?
7. Have you held memorials for your pets?
8. Have any of your pets worn clothing?
9. Do you feed your pets before you feed yourself?
10. Does your current pet resemble you physically or temperamentally?

Here's my answers:

1. favourite type of animal as a pet: I guess it must be our siamese cat.
2. strangest pet name: yarmulke - named for a cat that was all white except for a small round black spot on his head.
3. bizarre happening - our black cat Layla will play in the water in the toilet. At first we thought it was because she might be thirsty, but no - she is playing in there - yuck! Have to remember to put down the lid.
4. eated dog bisquits?: no way!
5. The cats sleep with us all the time. I hate it when they start licking themselves in the middle of the night. I always ask Mustafa if he is alone over there on his side of the bed - hehe.
6. Pets on vacation: we have taken the cats to the farm and for rides in the car, but not on vacation.
7. No pet memorials.
8. Jenna dresses up the cats all the time.
9. We throw the cats out on the balcony at dinner time - eat first and send them the leftovers. I hate having pets begging at the table.
10. is there a resemblance? - not that I know of!

I'm tagging Kris, Lonehighlander (I will do the book thing this weekend - I promise), and red-enclave.


  1. Thank Khadijateri, I will do it after the weekend.

  2. I love siamese cats too! We often put the dog in her crate while we eat for the same reason.

  3. I know this is an old post on your blog, but I just stumbled upon it. Check out my answers on my new blog:

    Kitten Cult


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