Saturday, June 25, 2005

More shopping for the house

Mustafa and I have been out shoppping for the house. We decided on tile for the second kitchen (still haven't chosen the main kitchens tile). I told him the same tile could also be used for the laundry room but he said he wanted something different for the laundry room.

We also found some beautiful stone tiles that could be used for the wall near the entrance. They were perfect - off white and a slightly rough surface and when you looked close you could see the imprint or fossilized leaves. When we asked the salesman it turned out he didn't have enough for what we needed! We looked in all the other shops and couldn't find anyone else that sold the same thing. What a dissapointment as it was perfect. We did find something else to use but the fossilized leaves were breathtaking - I have never seen anything quite like it.

We looked at some stone border columns that we thought about using as a border/ledge for the veranda, but I think that it will make the house look too heavy. I said some simple ironwork might look nicer. We will have to think about it and I will play a bit with photoshop and some pictures of the house to see if I can find out what might look best.

I have a wedding tonite - not sure what to wear, but since I am going with a friend I have decided that I will bring a pad of paper and a pen. The music is so loud at some of these weddings that you can not have any kind of conversation. If I'm with my kids or Libyans I don't mind, but I hate to be with a friend and not be able to chat. So I am going to be bold and bring paper and a pen!


  1. I can't wait to see pics of your casa. I'm sure it's going to be lovely. Is the architecture a typical Libyan style...rooftop & everything. It would be lovely to have a picnic at night at the rooftop at the end of summer & beginning of autumn. Beautiful view & you could spend your time counting the stars in the night sky! That's what I used to do with my friends...eating grapes & throwing the grape seeds at cars passing by.... it was all the fun 7 game of expatriate kids who were too young to go out on their own & too old to play cops & thieves!

  2. how was the wedding :)

  3. Next wedding I go to, which won't be for a long time since they happen in the middle of the night when I'm asleep. I'm bringing ear plugs, last one I stuffed some tissue in my ears, and my girls as well. Of course the Saudi women thought we were nuts, don't care my ears only rung for 3 hours after the event and not 6 hours :)

    Sometimes less is more

  4. The wedding was nice, but loud! The paper and pen solution worked very well. I usually stuff wads of kleenex in my ears at these events too. I cannot understand why they have to have such loud music. For those that aren't dancing they just sit and stare at one another - how boring.

    These weddings are usually carbon copies of each other wedding. Same food, same kinds of clothes and same music. I did notice that women are actually using glitter for eyeshadow (I'm not sure why).

    The music was still the same as last years weddings. Since it's so early in the season they haven't settled into the newest wedding music. Lasty year they had this annoying song that sounded like they were singing 'Pussy, Pussy, wuss!' - God how I hate that song and they played it at every wedding last year - and so far at the weddings I've been to this year too. . . sigh . . .

  5. Yes - 2 kitchens. The one inside the house and the one outside next to the garage which will be useful for BBQ and outdoor things - and when we slaughter our sheep at the Eid.

  6. lol at the song Khadijateri, it's the one by Nancy Ajram called 'Aaah we nuss' ( ah and a 1/2) she is flirting with her boyfriend ha ha ha...As for glitter it is very very much into fashion even in europe now, have you seen the catwalk or the models ? believe me these women know exactly what they are doing...I am soooooo out of style *sigh* time join the fun and dance ;)


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