Friday, June 24, 2005

For the love of books

Lonehighlander challenged me with a book meme. I love books. I basically lived in the library when I was growing up. My father's way of punishing me when I did something wrong was to tell me I wouldn't be allowed to read for a week (but he never had the heart to carry out the punishment!). Now that I have six kids and a busy schedule it's hard to fit reading into the schedule. I do most of my reading online. Anyway, here is my answers to the book meme challenge:

Total number of books owned: Not sure how many and even if I can even count them. Last year when I thought we must be moving soon I boxed up most of them. I don't want to take them out of the boxes until we finally do move (sometime this year I hope!).

Last book bought: a thesuarus - I know it's really boring! I bought it from the bookshop on Jamahiria Street for 8.75 dinars and I use it a lot with my students.

Last book read: The TKT course - another boring book! It was for a Cambridge teaching exam I took recently. Currently I am working on Hannibal. It's a scary one and I thought I would read it since I never saw the movie. It is taking me way too long because I have way too much to do.

Five books that mean a lot to me: Besides the Quran -

1. The Little House on the Prairie, actually not one book, but a series (by Laura Ingalls Wilder) were books that I read growing up and loved. When I read them again after becoming an adult I realised that they were pretty boring, but they were soothing (another reason I was a fan of Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood - nice, quiet, and soothing).

2. Complete Guide to Symptoms, Illness and Surgery (by H. Winter Griffith) - This book has probably saved my life as I have little faith in Libyan health care, so I consider it a DIY doctor. Also it probably keeps me on the verge of becoming a hypochondriac.

3. The Herb Book (by John Lust) - For the herbalist in me (and useful when you can't find medicine in the pharmacy).

4. Clutter's Last Stand (by Don Aslett) - this book has help to control the junk situation in my house. It's a must read at least twice a year - time to drag it out again . . . sigh.

5. Various books that are just read for the fun of it. It's hard to find books in Libya and so my friends and I have a network for bringing in books to read and we trade them all back and forth. We buy books when we travel and bring them back and also sometimes friends from home will be kind enough to ship us a box of books every once in a while (Special thanks goes to Bridget who consistantly remembers us - God bless you!) There is a special rate for sending books from the USA and it's fairly cheap - Kristen - hint, hint, hint.

Tag five people: Kris, Lisa, unfettered swallow, Fatima, nzinghas


  1. I loved little house on the prairie as a child and teenager, I'm going to look up your anti-clutter book :) for DIY healthcare have plenty of those for the same reason. My strategy is buying books when I go on vacation. Did not know the could be shipped to Libya is that permitted ? I mean will they pass through customs ?

  2. I read Hanibal and saw the movie just too see how they made everything look. Of course I thought the book was better, but the 'cut' Saudi version of the movie was absolutely the worst.

  3. I have not read the little house on the prarie but I have watched them when I was really small. I think they used to show the series on Libyan tv back in the mid 80s..or is my brain cluttered? ;P

  4. yep - they had Little house on tv here - and it was censored! They removed any parts when they said grace before eating and some church scenes. (very weird).

  5. I love books !!! There is a very special intoxicating perfum to them that transports me to another world the second I sniff it's waifing sublties ! Sydney


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