Monday, June 20, 2005


There's a family wedding this week. Mustafa's cousin's daughter. It's the first grandchild in his aunts family and they are doing the three day deal. Thank God, we are having nice weather and also the Mustafa is finally getting the hang of these wedding things and doesn't insist that i spend the entire time camped out there. I only have to go at times when there is expected to be some kind of excitement.

It used to be that I had to camp out for the entire wedding. I kept trying to explain to Mustafa that nothing happens most of the time except lots of noise and gossip. Finally, after 16 years he has figured this out (thanks to whoever filled him on because he never listened to me). Yesterday we went for the sahariyah. An evening of music, singing and dancing. We left a little after midnight. Today was the lunch for family and men - ate cous-cous and then got to come home. We'll be going back tonite around 10 pm and I hope to be home by 1am. Tomorrow will be the brides party and it will be in a wedding hall.

I had a wedding last week ( a neighbour) and another on Saturday. I guess the wedding season is starting off with a bang. Unfortunately my camera is in the shop because it has dust in it, otherwise there would be some kinds of pictures add to this post.


  1. ohhh..I was about to ask you to take loads of photos. I heard stories from my mom that the groom must be able to provide gifts such as gold. Things like that, I don't remember. I have never attended one but I have passed through one ;) Heard loud music being played & saw the bride wearing never ending gold chains. I may be exaggerating here. Oh well, to bad. So will the reception be a modern one? Having it at the hotel? grand ballroom?

  2. yay I look forward to wedding season lol, in 2003 and 2003 I had an average of one wedding party per week , i went broke on gifts and probably seen off most of my friends ha ha ha and lost a few calories dancing ..
    Have fun Khadijateri !


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