Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Results are trickling in . . .

The exam results are trickling in . . . .

Yusef passed!!!! He got an overall Jaid - which is Good on his report card. I am pleased. He really tried this year and had to overcome all kinds of obstacles - just taking his exam was difficult because he couldn't write (arm in a cast). A different teacher was assigned to him everyday of the exam. The teacher wrote the answers he told her.

Sara unfortunately didn't make it. 5, yes FIVE failing marks on her report card - and there were 4 other marks that were near failing. She cried all afternoon, but I do not feel the least bit sorry for her as she has been told since the beginning of the year to get her act together and open her books.

They have this thing in Libya where if you fail the exam the first time you can re-sit the exam and see if you can pass it the second time. Well, kids here have discovered that the teachers make the second exam much easier than the first and will let the kids cheat all they want - so passing second time around is basically a sure thing.

I made a rule this year that I will not allow the kids to do re-sits. If they fail the first time - even if it is only one failing mark - I will make them repeat the year. So Sara will be repeating the year. She had high hopes that I would not be so tough, but I will not relent. She can stay in the first year of middle school for the rest of her life. The choice was hers and she chose not to take her studies seriously.

I am such an ogre! I put a password on the TV, a password on the computer, I lock up extra dishes, I lock up sweets, I even lock up my chair while I am at work (because if I didn't the kids would be spinning around and around in it until they fall off and hurt themselves or the chair breaks). I am tired of being an ogre!


  1. please let her do her dor thani ...pls i know all about bein strict but a whole year !!

  2. Gee Billy, you are so strict. Nothing like sitting in school for a whole extra year to make you hate school even more.

  3. we have had similar problems with my step daughter - she skips classes and doesn't do her homework... we made her redo math in grade 9 when she failed it... it was hell, but worth it... (rather than go to the easier summer school)... I think following through on threats is very important... good luck!

  4. ah, the first year of middle school has given my oldest some difficulty as well. She doesn't like that she actually has to STUDY now. She ended up having to quit all of her afterschool activites to make homework her priority- we'll see if 6th grade gets any better. ;)


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