Sunday, May 29, 2005

Marble in my future!

I think there might be marble in my future! Yes, dear old hubby, who by the way is speaking to me today (but hold on - he was poking his nose inside a file folder that had the three letter word TAX written on it) brought home a nice peice of marble for me to inspect. It was beautiful! Smooth and shiny in a nice creamy beige color.

I said YES! YES! YES! This is it!

The kids jumped up and down - squealing with delight! You never know what can make someone happy - Marble it is then! I WILL have marble in my new house!

Now to buy it and have it installed - I pray that this file folder with the word TAX on it won't spoil any of this good news!


  1. Congrats, but please don't remind me of TAX , I still have some unresolved issues ;)

  2. Very interesting blog! Thanks for visiting mine.

    By the way, Greek houses have marble and now that we live in Northern Ireland and houses have wooden or carpeted floors, we do marvel how babies and toddlers survive the marble floors!

    I assume your kids are older?



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