Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yusef's arm is healing

Yusef's arm is healing. He went to have the stitches taken out the other day. The doctors sawed open two windows in his cast and removed the stitches. Then they covered the windows back up again. He will have to have the cast on for another three weeks. Then it will be removed and the metal rods will be removed also.

Yusef has requested that I come with him. Poor thing. He is afraid. His father went with him to have the stitches removed. Yusef said his father ran out of the room , just when he needed him most. Mustafa has no stomach for such things. I'm the tuff one. So I told Yusef that, yes, I will go with him and be there for him.

The weather has gone hot, dusty and windy again - and I am coming down with a cold. I have that scratchy feeling in the back of my throat and a nose that is running like water. I feel feverish (but it might just be the weather?). I'm cramming in my lesson plans, trying to get as far ahead as possible in case I have to take to my bed and collapse to recover from this flu or whatever it is I'm getting.

One good thing - I had my hair cut the other day - and my eyelashes dyed again. So if I drop from exhaustion at least my hair and eyelashes will be OK. hehehe


  1. I'm glad Yusef is healing well, how are the exams going by the way? ..
    Everytime I hear talk about the eyelash thingy i can't help laughing ..so I take it Sheila is still here ;) maybe you can persuade her to blog as well?
    Hope you get better soon flu in this heat is no fun at all

  2. Sheila's still here - looking lovely as usual. I can't even get her to get an email address - won't even go anywhere near a computer. I'll keep at her though - I keep telling her 'Come on girl! This is 2005!'


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