Monday, May 09, 2005


The kids are full swiing into exams and studying - well maybe not studying. I am fulfilling my promise to myself NOT to be a nag. I will NOT NAG them about studying for their exams. The choice is theirs - to study or not - to pass or not! The TV is off - closed with a password and they have nothing to so but study . . . .

but it seems they do their best to find other things to occupy their time.

Yusef has decided that he should wash all his clothes by hand . . . so he goes in the bathroom and fills up a washtub with half a box of soap and makes all kinds of suds. Remember - this is the kid with his arm in a cast - what on earth makes him want to wash his clothes by hand? I think he is more interested in playing in the soap bubbles. Maybe he is trying to see how long it takes for me to explode into a rage and brake his other arm?

Sara has decided to try on ALL of her clothes and try out about 16 new hairstyles too. Not much studying happening with her.

Adam keeps picking on all his siblings - trying to start a fight. When things get really heated up he takes off and goes to hang out on the corner down the street. Study - no way!

Nora occasionally opens a book, but I noticed she is doodling alot. . . .maybe there is some hope.

Jenna is finished with school - she's complaining about having a stomach ache. Is it something serious I wonder, or is it the 3 dozen apricots she ate yesterday?

Ibrahim isn't in school yet - so no exams for him. But he is doing his best to be a pain. He has managed to get into the sugar container twice today and spill milk and tea all over the floor.

In the meantime, I clean up the kitchen continually. Everyone wants to eat sandwiches non-stop. And that jumbo box of corn flakes that their father bought home had to be consumed. Oh neat! Dad's brought home a box of tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers - the kids spend studytime making Sharmoula!!!!!!

Almost time for me to head out the door to work! Finally, a break from the pressure of non-nagging my kids to study.


  1. you would be surprised at how innovative we can be not to study...oh those endless breaks i used to take ....but washing clothes way :)

  2. I think that there is something in the water. My son Sulaiman has used every excuse to not study these past 9 weeks and his grades are showing it. But what can a parent do besides take the playstation away along with the tv and the computer and no breaks outside and grounding them, and calling the teacher almost every other day just to make sure they have turned in their homework. I'am at the point of giving up.......


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