Saturday, May 21, 2005

Silent treatment

Mustafa is being a crab. I don't know what is with that man. He won't speak to me and has been slamming doors and banging things around the house. Then he got really nasty and threw the alarm clock at me and said, 'Make sure you wake Adam up for school.' Then he went into the bedroom, slammed the door and I heard the bolt close. Hmmm. . . what has got into him?

I tried the door - it was locked, and of course he wouldn't answer it. I went into the girls room to get a blanket and pillow. Then I decided - two can play at this game! I got out my keys and locked the bedroom door from the outside too!

In the middle of the night, dear hubby has to go to the bathroom. But lo and behold! The door is locked from the outside! He ended up having to climb out the bedroom window onto the balcony and in the bathroom window. Of course he made all kinds of noise doing this. I was prepared!

After he finished in the bathroom he went into the kitchen and got a glass of water from the fridge. He came in and poured it drop, by drop, by drop on my head. I pretended to sleep through it all. He finally gave up and went back to bed.

He has never been very good at 'the silent treatment' - I am a champion at it! I think he will give up soon!

What a goofy man to be married to! Never marry a man who was born in the year of the monkey - he will always be up to monkey business!


  1. sorry this is so funny, you mean people do this 'silent treatment' in real life ..I thought it only happened in movies . Let us know how it ends up.

  2. The silent treatment was recommended to me by my mother-in-law. She told me it was very effective - and it is. The idea is not to speak to the person (you don't say anything mean or ugly that way - that you would regret later). Other than not speaking you carry on life as usual(sharing meals, going about life as normal). This way there is nothing ugly said in front of the kids (or others) either - no shouting, etc. After a while you end up talking things out - without shouting (because it has blown over and you aren't really angry anymore).

    At any rate, Mustafa isn't mad at me. He's having some other problems and he is afraid he will inadverdantly take out his troubles on poor old me. So I appreciate that he is keeping quiet.

    I know it sounds weird, but for us it works. I would have never bothered with it, except my mother-in-law was so insistant.

  3. I agree that when you are angry, it's better to spend some time apart to cool down... so that you don't say something when you are angry... I think it is very important for kids to see their parents working out problems through talking - as positive role models...

  4. I understand , silence is "Golden" indeed.


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