Friday, May 13, 2005

Week 2 of Final Exams

Tomorrow begins week two of the kids final exams. Yusef finished his exams yesterday. We still have Sara, Nora and Adam to go. I am still adamant that I will have the no-nag policy.

Yesterday the weather cooled off, but today it went hot again. Hot, muggy and hazy. It makes you feel like you're inside a pressure cooker. In the afternoon I told Yusef and Ibrahim to get ready to go out for a walk. I wanted the house quiet so no one would have the excuse that the house was too noisy to study. We walked and walked and did some shopping along the way. It would have been pleasant if it weren't for the weather.

As soon as the exams are over I'm going to put the kids to work cleaning out the storage room. I walked in there today and nearly had a heart attack. Someone had been in there poking around looking for something and has left the place upside-down. I am going to go tomorrow to the shop and get some jumbo sized garbage bags and we will do a bigtime de-junking of the whole place. It is amazing what junk gets collected - and if Mustafa ever gets that house finished, I don't intend on hauling a bunch of crap to my new house.

I think I need to stop at the pharmacy and pick up some multi-vitamins to help me through the de-junking. From the looks of that storage room it is going to take a big effort! I will need all my strength to get through it!

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  1. Hello Khadija~~Glad to know that they have multi-vitamins, wasn't sure if they did... Do you know if you can find the black seed in either the seed form or in capsules? I've started about 6 months or so ago to make a tea out of the seeds and i want to keep it up once we get there, but, didn't know if it is easily available or not?


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