Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What is that boy up to now?

The shopping for Eid clothes is quickly coming to an end. (Thank God!) The clothes have been bought and now the only thing left is to buy shoes. Six pairs of shoes! Hopefully that will get done this afternoon.

I've been taking the kids out shopping one at a time. It's actually not been too bad. I can focus on what one kid wants at a time and we get to spend some 'quality' time with each other. Time to talk (or argue) about things.

The main problem I have had is what to do with Ibrahim while I'm out shopping. He's eight. He's hyperactive. He's a handful for anyone and while I'm away he's supposed to be looked after by his siblings. He needs constant supervision to keep him out of trouble. The kids are doing pretty good at watching him, but they don't always succeed at keeping him out of mischief.

So what has he been up to while I am busy shopping? One day we arrived home to find him stripped down and standing in the bucket that my sister-in-law uses to catch the condensation from her air conditioner. He was having a fantastic time, pouring the cool water over his head. I got him upstairs and gave him a bath only to have him outside again a few minutes later playing in the water again.

Lately Ibrahim seems to be having a fixation on water. He's been caught playing with the lighter a few times too, but I wasn't in the mood to take a picture of him then (too busy yelling and beating him). Another day when we arrived home we found him in the bathroom giving Jenna's doll a bath. He had used an entire bottle of shampoo to get the job done. A bottle that I had paid three and a half dinars for the day before!

The shampoo was finished, the only thing left to do was rinse off the doll and hang it up to dry. It looked kind of weird outside on the clothesline. Maybe I should have hung Ibrahim up there with it. . . sigh. . .

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  1. that is so funny ..i used to love doing that when i was a little girl .. i act like cleaning my mom or dad's car and have fun with the water ..GOD be with u inshallah

  2. That picture of him is hilarious. Also seems to be refreshing. Sounds to me he's doing what most kids like to do at that age. I love it. Of course, I'm not the one who has to clean up after them, maybe you can buy him his own cheap bottle of shampoo! ha condensation water? yuck. Hang in there, we love your stories.

  3. Funny, ´cause my daughter is an ADD child too, and was equality fascinated by water.

    Already has a baby, when whe wouldn´t stop screaming for hours, we made up a bath for her, and as soon as her body hit the water she was silent. And NO, her head was NOT below water!

    This is why I ensigned her for baby swimming classes until she was about 18 months old.

    Later she could stand and play with the water tap for hours in the bathroom.

    I think the movement of the water has some kind of tranquilizing effect. I´ve heard that even some scientists are investigating the healing powers of water for people with "normal" mental disturbences such as depressions. It´s called water therapy.

  4. Reminded me of the days when my daughters would use my best shampoos to make bubbles in the tub. Thankfully they outgrew that! Tell Ibrahim I said hi. I've got a picture of my two sons playing in the water sprinklers in the nude in the front yard. But I don't think they would like it if I posted them. hehe

  5. One of those nice warm Libyan blankets broke down my washing machine this week....


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