Friday, October 06, 2006

Sidi Andulsi, in Tajoura. Posted by Picasa


  1. Is the beach down the hill still lovely?

  2. Yes, the beach is very nice there. I took the picture of Sidi Andulsi last week. It's recently been repainted and fixed up. Looks good!

  3. Is this the one that is on the corner by the Sheik market? If so my husbands relatives are buried at the cemetary next to it. Thanks for the photos it helps to add to all the ones I missed and wished I had a camera. P.S. check my blog for new updates.

  4. Khadijah my husband argues that you dont pray there it is just for community gathering. Can you settle our discussion. I heard nasheed every night I was in Libya comming from there. It was about ten minutes walking from my house.

  5. Sidi Andulsi is a cemetary. There is a 'holy' man - Sidi Andulsi, and his family buried inside the building. Many people believe that visiting the graves of 'holy' men is a good thing and will offer various remedies to the difficulties in their lives, be it health, wealth, or whatever. Of course , Islamically that is considered 'haram' but there are people that are in desparate situation who are willing to try anything, or they are just plain ignorrant.

    Sidi Andulsi is also a gathering place for events called hadarah.(which is probably what you heard). People go there, sing and chant spiritual songs and phrases, working themselves into a frenzy. Kind of like whirling derveshes. It's quite interesting to watch. I was at Sidi Andulsi once when a group of people arrived by buses and cars. They all got out playing drums and chanting all the way to the top. Inside was a room where they began their hadara. I was able to watch with my children and other women from the windows. It was weird and strange. I had never seen anything like it in my life. They were speaking to the spirits and jinn. After a while we left them and went home. I don't know how long they stayed there.

    At certain times of the year there are festivals held at Sidi Andulsi.

  6. Darn, now I have to admit he was right on something! Oh well once is ok. Now I wish I had gone over to the building while I was there....So many things I could have done and seen.. Oh well he is promising to send me next year so I need to make some plans. And as for healing I will visit the hot baths first!


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