Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ahhhh! ... Food!

I spend lots of time these days in various supermarkets and grocery stores. The shops are so packed full of goods you can barely fit through the aisles in some shops. There's quite a lot of variety too. Sure beats the old days when the men had to stand in line at the Jamia and the women sat for hours picking bugs out of bad rice. Nice to have a choice... but Ramadan is costing us a fortune in food. We've been spending at least 10 dinars a day just for vegetables and fruit. The lure to spend more is there... waiting in the shops. Posted by Picasa


  1. 10 dinars?
    What is the dinar in these days (white/black price)?

    We spend about 60 USD a day on food in Copenhagen, including fruit and vegtable.

    Cheapest country ever in regards to food is Egypt; we paid about 20 USD a day for the family - eating out 3 times a day in public restaurants that is! A pound of greens in Egypt cost me only 10 cents.

    Most expensive is Japan. One apple costs about 8 USD! Yes, 8 USD!

  2. I think a dinar is about $1.35. So I guess that's about $13.50 for fruits and vegetables... I haven't tallied up an average for a whole days food.. I'm too afraid to do that... Between food and Eid clothes Ramadan is always the most expensive month of the year. This year will probably be worse because it coincides with thwe beginning of school and those expenses too...sigh..

  3. Never maind........and don't think about it.
    if you are my mother,I'm sure that you will kill me,because I spend about 10 euro a day just for chocolate and cornflakes....and by the way I eat dinar wiht my coz's family.

  4. I tought Ramadan is the month to eat and to have less, so to feel what the unprevelaged feels, what a shame.

  5. dear khadisha , i am libyan living in Canada , the Ramadan here is not easy i think you know why !! couse here there is no the atomosphere of Ramadan as in libya , it is the first Ramadan for me out of Libya , but i am trying to have the Ramadan atomsphere in my house , i hope you will have a time to have a look on my bloge and the ramadan table in canada ,,,, thank you ...

  6. When I was there the rate was 1.33 to the dollar. But you fail to tell them just how much that dinar is buying. I got a kilo of raw peanuts for 2 dinar! Here in the USA an 8 oz bag is about 5 dollars. I sure wish I was there:(
    Yes, Ramadan is for remembering those who have less and for a country that had less for so many years due to the embargo. I think they deserve to celebrate a bit.


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