Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eid Mornings

One of the things that's nice about Eid is that we arrive at my mother-in-law's house early in the morning and all have breakfast together. Nice hot black tea with mint, scrambled eggs, harissa (red pepper spread), cheese triangles, tuna, fresh hot cow's milk with nescafe, helwa shamia and a basket of bread. Yummy! The best way to begin Eid.

Hope you're all enjoying the day!
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  1. What a wonderful beginning of a special day. I am looking forward to seeing your next installment.

  2. During our last visit to Libya from the states I got sick of the same ole breakfasts everyday (exactly what u just listed). But now looking at the pic I realized how much I miss sitting around with the family having breakfast around the sufra..even though it was the same ole thing :D.

  3. have a very happy eid khadijateri

  4. have a nice eid khadija teri
    wa kol aam wa ante be khaeer

  5. i don't drink tea ( coffee fan ) even thought i'm from the city of tea ( darna ) but in ur picture i feel like i wanna have tea with bread ..YUM

  6. libyalover - Thanks! - looked at your site - hmmm... same pose as Dad has on the one dinar bill. I call it the tooth ache pose... hehehe


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