Saturday, October 21, 2006

The end of Ramadan

Ramadan is coming to an end and now we are all waiting (and counting the minutes) for Eid day. Adam arrived home safely this week so I feel my family is all accounted for now. I think he got taller! Now he only talks about when he returns next summer so I'll have to spoil him while I have him because he plans on staying away much longer next time. He's had a job offer for next year and we have this year to work out the details of his ongoing education. So for this Eid I'll have my kids all in one place, maybe for the last time.

Adam brought me back a gift from my sister - an iPod. (Thanks Kris!) I wasn't expecting it, it's a pleasant surprise. Mustafa isn't thrilled with my new toy, partly because he's a technophobe and will probably never figure out how to work it himself, and partly because it's one more thing to keep my attention away from him (and he so wants to be the center of my universe). For instance, last night while we were driving in the car I had the earphones in, happily listening to soft inspirational music, all the while he was going on and on, complaining about this and that. I just nodded in agreement and he was totally unaware that I really wasn't paying any attention to him at all.

Add this to the bonuses of wearing hijab: You can conceal an iPod under a scarf.

I plan on putting the iPod to good use during the Eid. I've put enough podcasts on it to keep me entertained over the holiday. I'll be blissfully unaware of my sister-in-laws and their gossip and blah, blah, blah-ing about nothing.

We're nearly ready for Eid. The clothes and shoes have been bought, the boys have all had their hair cut and we've been getting caught up with housework (God forbid the house isn't spotless and someone pops in to wish us Happy Eid). Today I'm going to stop at the shops and pick up softdrinks and sweets to serve to anyone that might visit. Most of the time will be spent at my inlaws but this year I have my own wheels so I'll be able to escape and visit some of my friends too. Add to the list filling up the gas tank before the gas stations get too busy and the lines too long. Did I forget anything? Oh yes. . . .

. . . . Have a Happy Eid!


  1. im glad adam got home safe and sound and yes i do think he did get taller while he was here....we already miss him very much .... i wish that i knew that mom was getting you an ipod i could have downloaded some of my music in it for you.... oh well you will have to bring it back when you come for a visit and pick the music that you want.... i have about 5 thousand different selections to pick from so i think you may find something.... hugs to everyone and have a great holiday.... hugs holly

  2. IPOD nice gifts from your mother, Birthday's gift??
    Happy Eid Khadijateri and to all your family.

  3. forget Welcome home Adam glade he back safe.

  4. I have had minor problems with my students hiding ipods and other gear under their veils for years! They don´t dare doing that anymore, at least not in my class...

    My school has a standart policy regarding ipods; only ipods carrying anasheed are allowed. Of course my boss at school is not clever enough to find out that our devoted students just rename "Keep it Gangsta, Ho!" into "Subhana alladi". He checks their ipods, finds nothing illegal and is happy.

    I have an ipod, too and besides music I use it for listening to mp3 books when travelling.

    Once the battery is empty, you may have a hard time; but if you google for "ipod battery exchange" you will be able to do it yourself.

    Eid mubarak to you and your wonderful blog!

  5. I'm glad Adam is home safe and sound.The time spent together before kids leave home is very precious indeed .Ahhh....if it weren't for the ipod nowadays with all I have to do plus the fact of listening to hubby's, kids and other family members' complaints...........
    Wishing you and your family a Happy and Joyous Eid !!

  6. It's always special when you have all your children home for a holiday. I'm glad to here Adam is home safe and sound.
    Happy holiday to you all.

  7. What a nice holiday present, to have all your family with you, Glad he was able to experience so much during his trip and be with Grandma, and the other side of his family.

    Happy holiday!

  8. Wish you and your family a happy eid from auntie Faiszah. I wish I had met more of them.. I am sure missing some of the family I met in Libya. Here in the USA our holiday is quite lonely. My hubby dosn't do anything because we have no families and our friends have way to many kids for us to get together. But I will be thinking of everyone and planning that next year I have Eid and Ramadan in Libya even if they do miss some school again. Life is too short..Yes, technology is great enjoy your i-pod. Hopefully the price will go down a bit and a stereo and ipod would be in order for relatives when I return. Hey on those computers you spoke of will the kids keep them? Or are they just for use at school and need to return them later? Just wondering...

  9. Happy Eid Khadija, and wish you the best, I am addicted to my ipod, I listen to podcasts all the time, salam

  10. Kul sana wenti tayba! and alhamdulilah 3ala salamt adam...

  11. A Happy Mubararek Eid and welcome home for Adam. All the best.

  12. Happy Eid to you and your family, and glad ur son came back from the US and spend the Eid with You . wish you all the best to you and your family

  13. lucky u an ipod mashallah ...happy eid inshallah ..may GOD bless u with ur amazing family :)

  14. Glad that Adam is back with you for the Eid :) Eidek sa3ed Khadijateri !

  15. Happy Eid to you and your family!

  16. Happy Ieed. Khadija.

    Your friend ,


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