Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Word

I was led to First Drafts while reading a comment someone had posted on my blog and came across a meme called One Word. I thought it might be useful to do with my students but I decided I would give it a try myself first. It's really hard to come up with just one word to describe something, especially when it's about a person.

Yourself: unusual
Your partner: mu'akad (he hates when I call him that!)
Your hair: blond
Your Mother: helpful
Your Father: supportive
Your favourite item: computer
Your dream last night: weird
Your favourite drink: coffee
Your dream home: unfinished
The room you are in: noisy
Your fear: ladders
Where you want to be in 10 years?: alive
Who you hung out with last night: family
What you're not: predictable
Your best friend: understanding
One of your wish list items: Peru
Your gender: female
The last thing you did: work
What you are wearing: comfortable
Your favourite weather: rainy
Your favourite book?: re-readable
Last thing you ate?: bread
Your life: interesting
Your mood: apprehensive
The last person you talked to on the phone: colleague
Who are you thinking about right now?: friend


  1. I love having Peru as a wish list item! The country would be so pleased if it knew!

  2. oh i did try but i was too bad ..i think for like 10 mins for each word !!! lazy huh ?..:S


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