Saturday, October 07, 2006

Nearly finished

I'm nearly finished with buying Eid clothes. I have only Nora left. I saved her for the last because she is miserable to go shopping with. So, tomorrow I will take her out and get the dreaded shopping trip over with.

I'm glad that I've finished shopping pretty much early this year. There's new shops all over town and lots of choices. For the most part the shopkeepers have been polite and helpful. That really makes a big difference when you're out shopping. But as a rule I try to go out in the afternoon when most women are in their kitchens and the shops are fairly quiet. I wouldn't even think to try shopping at night. The roads are a mess then and the shops are packed.

The only thing I've saved is buying shoes. I will take them all out at the same time and get that taken care of. There's a whole street devoted to mostly shoe stores and that's where we'll head for, park the car and just go from shop, to shop, to shop until everyone has shoes.

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  1. Getting ready for Eid for me is just buying Eid clothes for the kids. We go to my moth in law's house for Eid and everyone just sits around for three days ooohhhing and aaaahing over everyone's new clothes. It's totally boring, I usually bring a book to read.

    Eid in the US is much more fun. I used to really like Eid when we lived in America. I liked Ramadan better there too.... sigh...


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