Monday, October 16, 2006

I've been up to something interesting

I spent the evening in the dark... with breathless, sweaty, middle-aged men.

Is this KhadijaTeri writing this?

What on earth is going on?

Yes, it's true, I did spend an evening in the dark with sweaty, middle-aged men who were breathless. Get your mind out of the gutter! Exactly what was I doing? I was walking the horse track at the Foruseah, a popular place for people who want to get back in shape. ... and you were thinking something else...shame on you.. lol.

We've gotten all the Eid shopping done and it seems we have all indulged foodwise this Ramadan, feeling out of shape and overfed. Our evenings are now free, so we've decided to get some fresh air and exercise in the evenings. The track is peaceful and quiet, the earth absorbing all the loud noises. The air is fresh with the exception of horse manure (but some people like that smell). The track isn't well lit at night which is nice because it seems more peaceful that way, without anyone able to stare or be stared at.

Who's out on the track at night? Surprisingly there are lots of people there; couples, families, groups of women together and groups of men together, lots of middle-aged men with receding hairlines, children, I even saw an old woman walking with a cane, and there are horses with their trainers out too. Everyone is enjoying the chance to get some exercise. Some walk, others run or jog, some bring footballs to kick around the track, many talk on their mobile phones, there are some who prefer to listen to mp3 players and there are riders on the horses.

I walk while the kids run and jog on ahead of me until they get tired, then they either stop and wait for me to catch up or they run back to me. We challenge each other to see how many times we'll make it around the track. The track is 1.4 km and so far we've managed to keep to about 5 times around each time we are there. Seven kilometres isn't too bad. Maybe we'll try for 6 laps next time.


  1. good for u mashallah ...yeah in ramadan ppl gain wight !! but for me NOPE i did lose wight , i din't mean it but ramadan is hard for me ..i hate eatting one meal actually i can't ,so i keep eatting all the time which is very hard in ramadan !!! so there u go after the sharba i eat burika or somethign and that is it till the other day ..i don't eat suhur at all .

  2. I need to exsercise! Your post just gave me some motivation!

  3. I want to go there as well - but I keep putting it off . hmm maybe with my ipod it would be fun ? and I may looses a few inches too he he he .Good for you Khadijateri

  4. i used to go there with my husbend but i always had this problem of getting home with all the mud in my trousers and "spedro" trying to get rid of it before entering home but still i get into the house with some ...
    i remember once i was walking with hubby and i was a little bit slower so he said :'what about a race' i didn`t like the idea but i needed some motivation so i agreed .. eventually my husbend run faster and i was behind when i notice that a group of boys were following me (they thought that i`m alone)and they started to talk to me (y3aksu)asking for my number and stuff.... i was terrified and started to shout to my husbend to come but he understood later on that i was asking for help and not announcing that i lost the race...!!!he came back but the boys had already disappeared ..or may be they just took two steps behind since it was dark and hard to recognize them...
    since then i glued to my husnbend and never tried to walk alone ..
    otherwise i liked the place it was quiet and was a good chance for us to chat and talk about our daily events..
    have a good walk .. and happy eid

  5. Nice! keep it going, you´re gonna feel so FRESH once you´ve finished excercising.
    If you´wanna loose weight, try to cut time every day, even if it´s only 5 seconds.
    When you do 5 laps in less than 30 minutes, you´re in fine shape!

  6. Thank you for the picture!! I open Google Earth all the time trying to figure out what and where everything is now. Tripoli has grown so much!! But I can still find our old house, Tripoli Golf Club and other places.

  7. Dania- just take your trainers (spedro) off before you go inside, or better yet keep a plastic container in the car and take off your spedro at the track, put them in the cotainer and leave them in the car until the next time you go..... ahhh and how nice for the ego to have young guys chasing you!

    safia - I'm not sure I'l ever run that track 5 times in 30 minutes - I dont even want to try.. happy to just walk it.

  8. I have a reservation for that specific race track there:
    If the track is dusty and the sand is not moist then it is not healthy to jog or even walk there, the fine dust will be inhaled and it will eventually cause a bronchial problem especially for the ones with symptoms of asthma.
    Above and beyond it is a very nice place to refresh thoughts and ponder taking the ambiance in consideration.

  9. Are you SURE it was the track and all those other people there too ? LOL !Can't wait to see the "NEW AND IMPROVED" Khadija . WILL we ever see the "New and Improved" you ? Happy Eid Miss Khadija .


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