Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I . . . . .

I found this on UmmAminah's blog; Random Thoughts
Read it and consider yourself tagged if you want to be.
  • I am thinking about... Spending time with a special friend
  • I said... all kinds of things, some of them silly and some of them serious
  • I want.. to be successful at everything I do
  • I wish... there were more hours in the day
  • I miss... Adam
  • I hear... Aljazeera on the TV, Nora gossiping on the telephone with her friend, Jenna and Ibrahim playing and the ceiling fan in my bedroom
  • I wonder... if I will ever have a holiday
  • I regret... a lot of things
  • I dance... sometimes, but not often
  • I cry... occasionally, usually it's out of frustration
  • I am not always... patient
  • I write... something almost everyday
  • I need... a long holiday away from my kids
  • I finish... the day feeling pretty satisfied with life


  1. I don't have any comment to all this points. but infact you should
    get number 14 done as soon as you can ...Because you have to

  2. I am thinking about... who, me, thinking???

    I said..."for the uptenth time, it´s your bedtime now or I won´t wake you up for suhur!"

    I want.. to read my new books but have so little time

    I wish... I wouldn´t have to go to work tomorrow

    I miss... Libya!

    I hear... the fan of my laptop driving me crazy

    I wonder... what do to tomorrow in order to make my day more easy

    I regret... shouting at my students earlier today just to find out I gave them a hard time for something that was entirely my own fault!

    I dance... on the grave of Ariel Sharon, once he kicks the bucket

    I cry... out of frustration but not in front of people, but it´s all just crocodile tears

    I am not always... realizing that people can actually get angry by my jokes and sarcasm

    I write... too much!

    I need... 2000 USD before next month

    I finish... this blog comment by hitting the Login and Publish button

  3. Safia... you know I've been thinkning about putting pay pal on my blog... the holiday fund lol - you could put a pay pal on yur blog for the 2000 fund.


  4. Thanx sis K, but if people are collecting anything, let them collect for charity to the needy - I´ll have to work for it, as usual. It´just a silly bill that is driving me crazy.

  5. I am thinking about... how to answer these questions...

    I said...I feel sick - can I have some pepermint gum please?

    I want.. to read more than I do, study more than I have time to, play wiht my cmaera more than I can... there is lots I want but mostly I need to learn to be happy with what I have!

    I wish... I didn't feel so sick so I could do something besides sit and say "I feel sick..." and then run to the bathroom.

    I miss... having a newborn in the house.

    I hear... Blues Clues and am remembering how watching this helped Noah learn to talk. His first word/expression was Boo coos! Now he is 11 and talks all the time! LOL

    I wonder... if the new routine we are planning will work for our family. We are trying very hard to make some important changes, esp in our prayer life.

    I regret... shouting at Emma who was only being honest and was confused by my annoyance nad anger with her.

    I dance... with my children.

    I cry... when I remember my childhood and when I feel alone and can not reach God.

    I am not always... doing what I know I SHOULD be doing.

    I write... and I LOVE it!

    I need... peace! In order to gian this peace I need to learn to Trust God more than I do. That is a very hard lesson to learn.

    I finish... the day usually wondering how I could have done better and always very tired.


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