Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sometimes I feel this way...


  1. No problem!
    It all depends on who is on the wrong side of the glass....after all, what are children for???

  2. wow at first i was frightend about what might happen next.....then naaaaaaah i found that this was a clip about our every day life.

    Whew....that was a relief

    Iloved it

  3. trapped in glassroom this way you feel sometimes, or you feel like that child
    what exactly you mean? sometimes we need this atmosphere.

  4. The hand thing .... a take off from the movie " Midnight Exspress". Had me in tears when I saw it back in 1976 ? or was it 1978 ? Anyway, that's the way life was then .

  5. Teri, I know exactly what you mean, and my take on it:
    The here, the there and the over there, or is it living it every where, while the here is the alternative of the there, the there might not be there after leaving the here. There is also the possibility of not eve having the there as well " guess who is lucky".
    Change "corrosion" is the name of the game, nothing stays the same and nothing lasts for ever, it is a brain game that we play, a relief comes with the beautiful mind and it's manipulation rather magnificent" if you know what I am saying.

  6. a.adam.... I feel overworked and deprived of spending time with my family... too much housework

  7. You hit the nail on the head! But can you add a washer in the picture? hehe... Loved the suspence.

  8. i loved it , may i use it in my Marketing Class as an example ??

    Mum loughed when she saw this video , but for her it's not representing her anymore , now after my sisters left abroad she became a rebel refuse to clean our rooms , our dishes , and trying to makes us more responsible ...
    well me and my brother are soppurting her, but Dad not really he still don't give a damn to her new rules , so dad is an exception .hehe

  9. OHHHH....I feel like that too....but I've settled down in the last few years a lot especially with teenage boys....my secret....I close my eyes.



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