Saturday, October 28, 2006

Getting back to normal

Ramadan and Eid are over and things are getting back to normal again. The kids will be going back to school tomorrow and I'll go back to work. It will be nice to get back into the old routine again.

The flat above me had been sold during Ramadan. The new owner wanted to start right in on the renovations but Mustafa convinced him to hold off until after Eid. So this morning I was awoken by a huge bang. I got up and went to the bathroom and heard a crashing noise above my head. When I went in the kitchen I said to Mustafa 'Looks like the new neighbours have started banging upstairs.' he replied 'No one's upstairs.' I said 'I heard things banging above my head.'

I have been convinced for a while that Mustafa's hearing needs to be checked and now I am sure of it. How could he not have heard the banging and noise from upstairs? A few minutes later he tells me 'The new neighbour has started renovations upstairs.' Isn't that what I just said a few minutes ago? Maybe he's got Alzheimer's too. His hearing needs to be checked definitely. This would explain the reason why he turns the volume all the way up while he watches the news. I need to remind myself to add it to the list of things to do - check hearing.

By the time the new neighbour has finished with renovating the flat we'll all be hard of hearing. Plans are to completely strip two bathrooms and the kitchen, putting in all new tiles. This requires not only banging but lots of dirt and dust and workmen in the stairway. They'll be rewiring the electricity and painting too. I hope they get it over with quickly.

The new neighbour mentioned to Mustafa that he wanted to cut down the tree in the garden. He said he thought someone might climb up it and get in his house. That's MY TREE! The tree from my mother's garden in Florida! 'If he cuts down the tree, the first funeral he attends in this neighbourhood will be his own.' I announced to my husband. 'You better make sure he knows this. I won't have time to explain it to him before I kill him.' Imagine the nerve of that man.... wanting to cut down MY TREE! The tree only just reaches his floor. If someone climbed up the branches would not hold them - they would never make it to his flat. What on earth is that guy thinking?

Some of the neighbours and the girls' friends have come by today to wish us Happy Eid. When I went to the cabinet to get out the cookies I found they were all gone. The kids have been sneaking in and eating them. 'Who ate all the cookies?' I ask. Everyone says 'Not me.'

Things are getting back to normal . . .


  1. glad to hear that every things back to normal , I don't why your neighbor want to cutting down your tree, without no true reason or he doesn't love the nature. DO NOT LET HIM CUT DOWN YOUR TREE no matters what!

  2. I have a tree planted for each of my kids the year they were born. I can't imagine how I would feel if someone cut one down. Ask him to let you move it if it becomes a battle or trim the higher branches. Then he has no excuses. And hey are things ever normal?

  3. You go girl! This guy sounds kind of wacky anyway. Not respecting EID, and wants to cut down a TREE! I understand about the hearing problem. You never know when they hear you or not. One day I talk loud, and my husband says "why are you yelling?" Next time, I can't hear you", and the TV ALWAYS ROARS. I love him anyway! Plus, it's very depressing to him to add, hard of hearing to his list of post-polio ailments.

    BUT, WHEN MY MUSIC IS ROARING, he has the nerve to ask me if I'm deaf, I say yes, when it comes to music. ha!

  4. Well, it´s YOUR garden, isn´t it?
    Let him buy himself a good lock for his windows, then.

  5. Stick to your guns girl, trees are so special and yours even more so. It up sets me when someone comes to an area and starts trying to change everything. He must be very rude. If he gets away with this tree thing the next thing he will start wanting you to turn your TV/music/radio off at an early hour or some such thing.
    Your husbands hearing may not be a physical problem. Work or money problems could cause him to be distracted. Test him.... you know ask him things like offering him his favorite food or suggest doing things that he likes using your normal voice. Do it many times over a month’s time and be aware of the surrounding conditions when you ask.

  6. Eid Mabrouk.
    Sad to hear for your husband, hope you just joking around and that he is just fine!



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