Monday, August 14, 2006

Where is this? - #5

Another picture for the 'Where is this?' challenge. If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the answer! Who's the winner? Drum roll please........

He guessed the Academy of Graduate Studies which is located in Janzour. I was so surprised that it took so long to find the answer because some of the people who read my blog actually work there. I'm sure they walk right past the iron work all the time.

The picture is a close up of iron work that surrounds a stained glass panel and is located next to a stairway in the entrance area in one of the main buildings.

I took the picture of the iron a while back because I was looking at different kinds of designs that we might use for the house we are building. This particular iron work was unique. I haven't found any quite like it.

One of the things that you notice when walking about the Academy is that the campus is well maintained. Lots of attention has been paid to detail and landscaping, but most noticable is the artwork that is on display throughout the campus.

The artwork is mostly done by local artists and students of the Academy. There is always a nice selection.

They change the displays from time to time and there always seems to be something new each time I go there. If your interested in seeing what Libyan artists have been working on it's a good place to visit.

Congratulations Aladdin of Tripoli - you're the winner!

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  1. No anonymous.... it is not Israel. If you had read the post you would notice that it said it's in Libya... sigh...

  2. The gate to the US embassy in Tripoli?

  3. Not the Tripoli ZOO,

    Not the gate to the US Embassy (so far they don't have their own building - still hanging out in the 5-star hotel,

    The object isn't that old, actually I took this picture when I was looking at details for some ironwork to use for the house we are building. It's an exception peice of ironwork - I hadn't seen any like it anywhere.

    Keep trying.... eventually someone wil have the right answer. I know that some of the people that read my blog probably walk past it all the time!

  4. i feel like i've seen it somewhere, but i couldn't remember where ??!!!'s a little bit difficult this time, don't you think!

  5.´s the entrance to Yethreb School where you teach English???

    Just a guess, never been there.
    But after my many accidents and bad situations today I feel my luck could be about to change?

    Did I make it?

  6. Safia - not Yethreb. Yethreb is homey, not fancy!

  7. No... it's not the Corinthia Hotel... Keep guessing! Finally I picked a difficult one!

  8. give us a clue it a restaurant?

  9. The former Royal Castle?

  10. I browsed your pictures and couldn't find one to even I will ask, is it the 5 star hotel? lol


    Location is not too far from Tripoli. You can find a lot of artwork there.

    Keep guessing.... someone might get it now.

  12. is it the gallery on Treeg elsekka where alot of paints ?
    or the Library of the French consulate in Old Medina?
    come on please more clues we want...

  13. yeah it's called Dar elfonon right ? treeg elsekka

  14. Aladdin - the clue was that it's not too far from Tripoli. Dar alfunoon is inside Tripoli and so is the French Consulate (in the Medina). It's not Sabratha either.

    Keep trying!

  15. have you ever brought adam to this place???? hugs holly

  16. No, Adam has not been to this least I don't think so.

  17. mom i think it is the museam at al khomas hugs adam

  18. hey Khadija .. it becane harder ..another clue please..
    could it be the fine art college in the high way


  19. You said it is not too far from Tripoli and it is a place where we can find a lot of artwork.
    Is it Elgwasem-Gharian? Or Gharian is much too far from Tripoli.

    If so, can you be more precise and tell us: how far is this place not too far from Tripoli?



    It's approximately 14 1/2 kilometres from the Green Square.

  21. Hi Teri,

    I was told by an elder colleague that probably it's Jama'a Murad Agha in Tajeura.
    AMna (Susan)

  22. Amna - no it's not Jama'a Murad Agha in Tajoura..... keep guessing

  23. if it's not the Palace of Deyafa in Treeg elshat , or ElQobba Elfalakiyah???

  24. if it's not the Palace of Deyafa in Treeg elshat , or ElQobba Elfalakiyah , then it could be the academy of graduate studies in janzoor lool .
    iam not making any since


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