Saturday, August 12, 2006

And he's off....

Adam is off to America. He got his ticket last week and I bought him a big backpack and a suitcase and packed him up. We got the ticket before all the hulabaloo began in Heathrow with the terrorist scare. So we repacked everything and took out anything not allowed. He'll just have to get shampoo, toothpaste, etc when he finally arrives. I had been hoping to go with him but seeing as though I have no valid passport, he's gone off alone.

So now my oldest child who only just 17 is somewhere on his way to visit his family in America. First time he's ever travelled alone. . .this is going to be a big adventure! Pray that he arrives safely, please. Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh my! Yes we will pray for his safety and to remember who he is, that being, a good young man, innocent.............and hope he learns patience! ha!

    Hang in there Teri, we are praying for you too. It's very hard being a parent, seeing and letting our children grow!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh

  2. oorI tracked his Tripoli flight last night. I was relieved to see it go. I can't wait until he get here!

  3. Time to let go dearest.He has to see the world so that he'll appreciate home, you'll see the difference when he gets back.
    Praying for his safe journey.

  4. 1:22pm Location: JFK Airport. Adam is on his way... Closer to his secret locale. Aunt tempted to page him at the airport...

    Sister Kristen


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