Friday, August 25, 2006

Adam's been living it up, swimming in my sister's pool, eating tons of junk food, going to the beach, shopping at the mall and going to movies. The funny thing is that since he's been in America, we've spent more time together. Just how is that possible? Internet of course - we talk more now than we did before. When he is here he's just complaining about not having any clean socks or how awful the my cooking is, but now he tells me what he's up to and what he's planning to do later. He also mentioned that he's doing his own laundry - Yeah! That means I don't have to ever look at his dirty socks again! Ha! Next time I hear from Adam he'll be asking me to remove his picture... hehehe. Posted by Picasa


  1. My step son is 15, and we do not do his laundry. That is his job.

    Mafee kadama. lol

  2. wow my pool has never looked so blue... i wonder if kris is using photoshop to make it look better.... hugs holly

  3. hello, hello, my oldest (siraj) is back in omaha, ne for the fall semester...i know how you feel missing your son..everytime siraj leaves, it's difficult for for children being responsible for their clothes...all of my children wash their clothes and iron their clothes (a pet peeve of mine), i'm not sure how that all developed, but, they do it on their own (especially my boys)...all i ask is that they don't walk out of that door with wrinkled husband would get mad at me becaused i ironed their clothes when they were little, then they do it on their own now...but i digress, their rooms are another seems your son is doing well, is this his first trip? anyway, i have another blog, i don't know what happened to the other one...mexiquia-7 is the new one and i'm still trying to post some pictures...i will say it again, you are so much fun to read, you go girl! "snap"

  4. It is so liberating when the kids start doing their own laundry. My youngest is 30 yr. old now. I wish he would ask me to do his laundry. Once a mom always a mom I'm afraid.

  5. Dearest Khadija,
    I don't want to say "I TOLD YOU SO," cause if you remember I said he'd appreciate you more when going away !
    As for Adam MASHAALAH , he seems very happy, and looking extremely well.

  6. It is so liberating when kids start washing up and brushing their teeth by themselves!

  7. His own laundry?
    How traveling to foreign lands educates our children!

    As my eldest daughter usually says before taking off: "Keep writing, Mama, even if it´s just a check!"


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