Sunday, August 13, 2006

Safe arrival

Adam's arrived in Chicago and he's surprised his grandmother!

My mother had gone to Chicago - the windy city, to visit my uncle and his family and she was really disapointed that Adam would be arriving in Florida while she was 'up north'. But what she didn't know was that we booked Adam's ticket through to Chicago so he could meet the family there and surprise her. They will fly down to Florida in a few days. In the meantime he'll get a chance to see the city where I spent the first 12 years of my life.

Uncle Ed and cousins will take him to the Knights of Columbus annual summer picnic. I hope they're all decked out in their costumes - and I hope he gets pictures. My cousin's daughters are going to take him on the train downtown for a sightseeing and shopping trip. I don't know what else they've got planned. I haven't spoken to Adam yet, I heard this info from my sister. Hopefully I will talk to him on the phone tonight.

I finally heard from the embassy. Apparently they've had my passport in Tunisia for the last four days and they expect it will take a couple of days more to finally arrive in Tripoli. It must be coming by passenger pigeon! Sigh. . . .


  1. In Memoriam
    ~ Rachel Corrie ~
    1979 - 2003

  2. Good news, Teri. I'm glad Adam got to his destination without any delays or complication. I was gonna tell you about my first arrival in the US alone when I was just under 17, then I thought it might make you more worried. I just want to say now that Adam is ready when you are because you know better. But you must believe what you know. This is a let-go moment, not the first I am sure --just the toughest!

    p.s. If you want to borrow our no-anon posting sign, just go ahead!

  3. Hi Terri from Laura, cousin Mike's wife.

    Adam, Aunt Helen, and Dad (Uncle Ed) came over for dinner this evening. Adam, our daughters, Sarah (19) and Annie (17), and Annie's boyfriend went to the movies this evening to see "Miami Vice." The kids seemed to be getting along quite well. The girls will help show Adam around Chicago. All is well. Adam is such a nice kid.

    All is well. Peace, Laura

  4. Nice he can spend some time in the windy city - maybe he is lucky to get some tickets for Oprah; then you can see him on TV and he comes home with a new car?

  5. Laura - thanks for taking care of Adam. He'll have all kinds of fun, I'm sure.

    hmmm.... Oprah! A new car! - I never even thought about that possibility! :)

  6. How wonderfuly and what a wonderful surprise for your mama. Thanks for keeping us posted. Sandi

  7. i am so excited that he is coming down to florida on wensday! it will be alot of fun with him down here! except the fact that i have to go to school. =[ apparently i am spending the night at grandmas house wensday and thursday so i will be going with kristen to go pick adam and grandma up from the airport.
    I cant wait!
    love always, Shelby

  8. Hi Teri,

    Congrats for Adam'a safe arrrival..
    I wish hem a lot of fun with his family there..



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