Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tripoli weather... simply miserable!

The weather here lately has been just awful; hot, sticky and humid. It's typical weather for this time of year and makes everyone feel miserable. No one wants to do anything except sit inside next to the air conditioner. Even with the ac on full blast it still feels hot.

Usually this time of year we try not to even open the shutters, keeping as much of the heat outside as possible. How I wish we had double-glazed windows and insulation! Yesterday I opened the shutters in the living room to let in a bit of light as it seemed so gloomy inside and I was surprised with the sight of the cactus in full bloom on my windowsill. Everyone is wilting in the heat but the cactus never looked better!

So far no one has got the correct answer to 'Where is this? # 5'. I'm really surprised because I'm sure at least some of the readers probably walk right past this all the time! Keep guessing.Posted by Picasa


  1. How uplifting to see this beautiful flower. What type of cactus is this? I love all your flowers. Sandi

    PS My sister and hubby will be home on the 27th - going natural herbs.

  2. Not sure what the cactus is called. It flowers this time of year and grows easily.

    Thanks for letting me know about your sis. I'll do my best to see what I can do. Herbal treatments are big here.

  3. Khad ,, Could it not be because u are a little bit fatty and still american after all these years !

  4. Bury.... in the UK... always weird comments from you. Seek professional help! You need it!

  5. amen to anonymous! It's really sad to see someone who hides behind being anonymous, and still wants to be hateful. Yeah get a life and seek help you negative, hateful, catty person.

    We all love Khadija Teri, and her blog. It's people like you who give any nationality a bad name, and you are oh so prejudice. tsk tsk.

    Hot is hot........... Teri, glad you have A/C and pretty flowers. ha

  6. anonymous your comments are becoming annouying and insulting. sister khadija is respected by all of us here and is one of the main reasons some of us started blogging, please do seek professional help or a profile name.


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