Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Highly recommended!

What better way to change your mood than getting a haircut? Yesterday I went to my good friend Sheila and had the works, and today all three of my girls spent the morning at Sheila's getting beautified too.

Time with Sheila is time well spent. I always have a nice time. Chatting, listening to music and the end result is always soooo nice. This morning we stopped at the bakery on the way and picked up an assortment of pasteries, then stopped at the supermarket to get some juice and coffee. When we arrived at Sheila's I went to the kitchen and got our breakfast ready while Sheila set in to look at what the girls wanted done with their hair. We all ate while Sheila performed her magic. The music was fun! Jenna was dancing and Sheila was cutting hair and dancing. We laughed and joked. It was the best breakfast I've had in ages.

We are drop-dead georgous now! It was a wonderful way to lift our sagging summertime spirits. The only drawback will be getting the girls to do any chores in the house for the next week or so. They will be busy looking at the mirror and trying out new hairstyles. Never mind. . we look good, and feel good about ourselves too. . . . we should do this more often. I highly recommend it to all!


  1. Gosh your trip to the beauty shop sounds like fun. Glad you and the girls had a good time. Does Libya have a salon that gives a massage? and pedicure? and facial? I get this package from my husband on special occasions. Love em!

  2. Yes Libya has saloons that do the whole nine yards , even we have now hospitals that do Botox !
    Oh what ever will we do when Sheila decides to retire ? To find a great hair dresser is even better than a good mate , because your hair dresser knows all the secrets ! LoL!

  3. glade to hear that.
    for men, I recommend going to cinema and watch a good movie share your emotions with strangers, you can cry and laugh it's amazing,but you have to choose well your movie, here in tripoli it's hard to find one but it's highly recommended as well. ;)

  4. hey...that sounds fun! does Sheila has a shop???? can u tell me how can i find it? cuz I’ve been looking for a GOOD hairdresser since SO SO long and still couldn't find someone who can understand my needs!!! please can u help me ?? please??
    and yeah A.Adam, watching movies at Cinemas or even at home "WITH FRIENDS" do the trick ;)

  5. I second 'maiuna's' request. I'll be moving to Tripoli soon and will need a good hairdresser.

    Common' Khadija Teri, tell us where is this wonderful Sheila... :-)


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