Saturday, August 19, 2006

A downright ugly mood

A day off from work and hot weather. No one wanted to do anything but sit and stare at the TV. Well, I was fed up with sitting there while everyone wasted their day. Since I don't watch TV the whole idea of spending a day staring at it just doesn't make any sense what so ever to me.

I made the suggestion that we, meaning Mustafa and I, take a drive. 'It's hot.' whined Mustafa. 'The car has air conditioning and I can make a CD of music to listen to especially for the drive today.' I said while standing in front of the TV, blocking the Aljazeerah/Manar view. Mustafa, a bit reluctantly, agreed to go for a drive.

I know that it takes him forever and a day to get ready to go anywhere, which is something I could never understand. If I decide to go out I can be ready in all of five or ten minutes (this includes getting ready for a party). Why does it take him so long??? While he fiddled around I made a CD of music to listen to in the car. I finished the CD and turned off the computer and continued waiting for him to get ready.

Standing there next to the door were three of the kids; Ibrahim, Jenna and Sara. 'Where do you think you're going?' I asked. They all decided they wanted to come along. I said 'No way!' but was over-ruled by Mustafa. We all piled into the car. 'Where to?' asked Mustafa, I said 'Anywhere. Just drive please.'

We get two blocks away and Sara starts moaning, 'I want to go to my Grandma's house.' 'Shut up! We're going for a drive - you knew that before we left.' I answered. A few seconds later squeals and squawks can be heard coming from the backseat. Ibrahim has started poking and pinching his sisters. Sara continues her moaning and Ibrahim and Jenna are slugging each other. I turn up the volume on the stereo to try to drown out the noise.

Mustafa, the driver, decided to head in the direction of the coast road and I got out to take the pictures of the lighthouse (see the last post). We continued up the coast into Gargaresh. Ibrahim was getting extremely obnoxious by now and Mustafa pulled the car over to the side of the road and proceeded to smack and threaten him. Sara was still moaning about not wanting to be on a drive. Ibrahim swore up and down he would behave himself and we continued on.

After about two minutes Jenna says 'I think I'm going to be sick!' Mustafa quickly pulled to the side of the road and Sara opened the door and pushed Jenna out so she can be sick next to the curb. 'Have you got a plastic bag?' asks Mustafa. 'No, of course not. I would only have one if we didn't need one.' I replied. I did have a supply of wet wipes in the glove compartment and a piece of cloth that I usually put over the steering wheel to keep it from getting too hot in the sun. Jenna got back in the car and I gave her the piece of cloth to hold in front of her. A minute later we are off again and Jenna is puking in the car. Mustafa stops at a shop and gets two plastic bags.

Sara is still moaning, Ibrahim is still picking on his sisters, Jenna now that she's emptied her stomach, is quite happy, I'm in the front seat fuming and Mustafa is driving down the highway. Forget about having a nice drive. We headed in the direction of my mother in law's house. Soon we are outside the gate telling the kids to get out. At least Mustafa is smart enough to know that I have no intention of visiting his family.

'Now where do you want to go?' asked Mustafa. By this time I am in a really shitty mood and I tell him, 'Let's go to the farm so I can have a look at all the work you haven't done this week.' 'But I haven't done anything this week.' he says. 'It's been too hot.' I just give him 'the look' - the look that means don't argue with me! and we head for the farm.

At the farm I have a look around and he has in fact done NOTHING all week. I did notice that there is a cushion and a pillow (that he'd taken from my storage room) all set up so he can go to the farm and take a nap. 'I think I'm going to get you a satellite dish and small TV out here so I don't have to look at you.' I tell him. I went off and took a walk. I think that if I hung around for even a minute longer that I would have hit him over the head with something.

I'm a bitch these days. I readily admit it. But I think I deserve to be a bitch. The summer is way too long here. The kids are bored and are getting on my last nerve. Nothing is getting accomplished at the house - the building has gone on way too long. We also wanted to take a break and go to Tunisia for a while; also I've not been able to travel to the US this summer which was something I wanted to do too, but no luck as I'm still waiting on my passport.

Yes, I'm in a downright ugly mood.


  1. Kids need planned activities, and it is a shame that not only planning is difficult in Libya, but there aren't many after-school and summer programs for kids. Anyway, cheer up! As the joke goes, a genie asked a Libyan guy to make a wish, and the guy answered,"A good satellite dish and a life sentence." Well, it sounds like the kids got the first part of that wish, now you just have to marry them off so they get the rest of that wish! lol lol lol

  2. Oh my! The fact that no one was killed during YOUR nice drive is a miracle. ha! Sorry you didn't geta peaceful drive. I certainly understand your B-1 mood. I know you will hang in there.

  3. Wow! and I thought I had all the problems ! !
    As for them growing older or marrying them off ,here we have to come to terms with BIGGER problems!! Once you have kids , you're stuck with them for all your life!!

  4. Hang in there Khadija; I know exactly what you're going through!

    Trabilsia, right on! My Dad says, he married all his kids to get rid of them, but they multiplied in number instead... They are always there with their spouses and children. Except for me and mine and I keep reminding Dad of that to score some points with him, lol

  5. Your story makes my problems when going out with the kids a joke.
    Never mind, you will remember and laugh a few years on ;-)

  6. my question is how you can mange yourself to be ready in less than five or ten minutes. Me, I can't.
    i hope your mood will not stay long time like this.

  7. Usually it is the woman that takes forever to get ready. Role reversal?

  8. Abu Sinan & a.adam - I have 'a thing' about being organized and puntctual. I have 'getting out the door' down to an artform!


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