Monday, August 28, 2006


This was sent to me by Flying Birds, it sounded interesting so I thought I would answer it.

Are you satisfied with the form and content of your blog?
I'm always playing about with my template and adding new things and ideas. Sometimes I get the urge to completely scrap my template and start fresh - but so far I've resisted the urge because I have too much to do and not enough time!

Does your family know about your blog? I started my blog for my family, as a way to keep them up with all my news and happenings. It's evolved into something more. I have considered creating a new and secret blog, anonymously writing all the things I share with few or no one, but I haven't done that... yet.

Do you find it embarrassing to tell a friend about your blog? Do you consider it a private matter? No, I'm actually proud of the work that I've put into my blog, and my website.

Did the blogs lead to a positive change in your ideas? I'm pretty set in my ways and ideas. Not everybody likes them but generally if I've made a statement it sticks.

Is it enough for you to open the profiles of the commentors on your blog or do you try to discover more? If someone new comments I like to see if they're a fellow blogger. If someone makes a negative or offensive comment I try to pinpoint their location etc from the stats and see how often they visit my site. Sometimes negative remarks are a one time deal, but often they are from repeat visitors. So far I've not had to put my comments on a moderated status.

What does the hit counter mean to you? Do you care to put it in your blog? I have more than one hit counter. Looking at the number of visitors to my blog is interesting, but I really find the statistics of location and referrals and time spent browsing more interesting. Browser type and resolution are useful for design as well.

Have you tried to imagine the shape of your blogger friends? I've met in person many of the people who I met blogging. It's nice, but I don't try to imagine what they look like. I think you learn about their thoughts and feelings and then looks become pointless.

Admit! Do you find a real value for blogging? Yes, it's a nice hobby; I learn from it and hope that others learn from my blog too. I also find it a nice way to have fun and be silly sometimes. Not only that sometimes I use it as a place to get things off my chest and air my gripes.

Do you feel that the society of the bloggers is disconnected from the world around you or that it is affected by what happens? My personal world and my blogging world are somewhat interconnected. I often post about what happens around me.

Are you annoyed by criticism towards your blog? Or do you find it a healthy phenomenon? Constructive criticism is always useful.

Are you afraid of some political blogs and avoid it? Did the arrest of some bloggers shock you?
Being American, I'm a firm believer in freedom of speech. Living in a country that doesn't have the same ideals is often exasperating for me.

Have you thought about the fate of your blog in case of your death? No, but I back up my blog just in case Blogger dies.

What do you like to listen to? What song do you like to embed in your blog? I'm eclectic in my musical tastes, depends on my frame of mind or mood. I'm a Pandora fan and have my favourites on my sidebar, but I hate noisy sites and blogs, I wouldn't put any audio or video on my blog unless it was something the viewer had to make the choice to listen to or view. The choice to click on play is left up to the visitor.

Write the names of five bloggers to do this inquiry after you. If you read this and want to do it - go for it, but leave your link in the comments so we can all go and read what you've posted.


  1. Thanks Khadijateri for the answers I like it.

  2. Well .. I'd always wanted to ask the same questions ... ;-)


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