Thursday, June 07, 2007

Got shoes, got a dress... next GOLD!

Today is hot as a furnace outside. Someone told me it was going to be 44C today but I'm afraid to look at the temperature myself. Somehow it always seems hotter when you actually see the thermometer.

I've been running around all day - in and out of the house since morning. I went shopping and bought myself something new to wear to my friend's daughter's wedding next week. My quest to find something suitable i.e. something comfortable, respectable and not too overpriced, had me out shopping for the past few weeks. Let me tell you this - there are some really ugly dresses in the shops in Tripoli! And they are almost all very expensive too.

I had decided that I would give up today if I didn't find something I liked - so today I went into a shop and actually found something and was surprised. I had gone out today with only about 100 dinars in my bag and had to go home to get more money. Of course I got to my car and found it was blocked in by two other cars. After waiting nearly half an hour I was finally able to get my car out. I went home, got the money and went back, stopped in a shoeshop that was on the way and found perfect shoes.. so I am set and ready to go. Well almost.... I have to convince my husband to buy me the gold set I found. It's perfect... and it's only 2,800 dinars! I'll have to put on my best Libyan woman temper tantrum impersonation in the hopes I can get it... I'll let you know if I'm successful.


  1. I was about to give you a direction to a boutiqe inside Al fateh tower first floor, it has great women cloths all imported from italy and at reseanble price, I cant remeber the name but its well worth visiting, have a great time next week.good luck with your husband :o) .

  2. Good luck with working on the husband conviction.
    I am sure it won't be too hard...

    PS: It is not oficially summer yet, even if th thermometer says otherwise...

  3. COCO: Good Luck to your husband :-)

  4. okay... i evaporated 4 kilos off today.. thermometers or not ali.. its summer here.. waaaay summer...

    i dont know what it takes for u to be convinced? lol

    good luck with teh wedding paraphenelia ms. KT :) :) better luck on ur husband.. do u even like gold??

  5. Mani - of course I like gold! and silver, and diamonds, and platinum too... I am a female...

    Shoes, bags, clothes, accessories,,, got to have a collection of the stuff... lol

  6. oh.. and Mani.. I heard a rumour that you were gonna come visit me since you are here in Libya... is it true?... can you come and be a guest speaker at my school? the students like to speak English to people besides me....

  7. 10 minutes was the longest time that I could stay out today,hope I will survive till the end of summer:).

    Excuse me in advance if I made some mistakes here teacher:D

  8. Good luck!

    A woman can never be too rich, have too much gold and diamonds, be too thin, too hysteric and still remain a genuine woman!

    Tell hubby it´s an investment, not a spending. Gold prices are gonna raise and he will make a fortune should you ever divorce him.

    Tell him anything, but go for the gold LOL!

  9. Safia... if I dump the guy I'm gonna make sure I've hidden away my gold first..... Gold? what gold?..

    Actually I got a total of two grams of gold when I got married - the weight of my wedding ring. When we had the papers written up here and registered in Libya I made sure that it specifically mentioned only 2 grams.... Anything that I've managed to accumulate after that is mine.


  10. You´re almost there, sister!
    Keep going...

  11. Poor the guys! can one resesit such sophisticated tactics LoL..U make me disapointed.. I though only libyan ladies madly love the gold, but by now u proved that u r true libyan too.

  12. Oh Hatim.... it's an investment you can wear!!! and why not want to look beautiful? I'd rather 'waste' money on gold than other things. At least you can sell it if you're in the need. Or leave it to your kids to inherit.

  13. My best wishes to your husband

    Even though I like gold, diamond.

    But still I would prefer to have a good collection of shoes.

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