Monday, June 11, 2007

Libyan Blogger Needs Your Help!

I hadn't seen Trabilsia, who has the blog Tripoli Ghibli online for a while and was wondering what was up. Finally got hold of her and found out that her son Tarek was in a serious car accident last Friday. He was in ICU for 2 days but is stable now. He's suffered injuries to his arms and they are hoping to take him to Tunis soon.

The power of prayer is an amazing thing. Please remember Trabilsia's son in your prayers!


  1. Inshaa allah la bas 3alieh, and thanks for bringing it up sister Khadija....if you call her again or see her please send her our regards and best wishes :).


  2. Our prayers with Tarek, his mother our dear Trabilsia and the family. Thanks for this Teri

  3. I have just heard the awful news and thought about blogging about it but somehow knew you were going to do it, you are a good friend to Trabilsia.

    our prayers and thoughts are with dear Trabilsia and her family and inshaAllah Tarek makes a full recovery.

  4. I talked with her today and heard the news & she told he will get back home today, I hope that he will get well soon

  5. life is really weard thats what i am going to say and inshallah he well be ok and i well pray for him


  6. I will keep Trabilsia's son and the whole family in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know KhadijaTeri.

  7. انشالله لاباس عليه وربي يلطف بيه

  8. En shaa Allah la bas 3alaih, wa en ahaa Allah we' ll see him back to home soon..
    Our prayers with Tarek and Om Tarek.
    Thanks Madam Teri for bringing this up, May Allah bless you

  9. Let´s all make du3a for him and his family!
    Thanx for alerting us, sister.

  10. Our prayers with Trabilsia and Tarek, May Allah U7fdah. Alhamdolilah that he's stable now.

  11. Alf salama ala Tarek and I am sure trabilsia is in a shocking phase, inshallah hada hadd esawo

  12. Teri,

    I thank you immensely for your concern and support. You are indeed a true friend.

    Tarek is now better and resting at home, till he can be taken to Tunis.
    I thank all who prayed for us.

    This is what keeps me going :

    (Serenity Prayer)

    God /Allah grant me the the Serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And Wisdom to know the difference.

    May Allah /God bless you all……


  13. Trabilsia, I'm glad that Tarek is home with you. I hope and pray that he has a speedy recovery. Keep us all posted.


  14. inchalah labas, wish him a very speedy recovery and allah yo7fdah.

  15. Inshallah alf salama 3aleeh. May Allah be with him and his family through this tough time. I just heard of the news through Anglo's blog. Wish him a recovery soon.

  16. salamat, wish him a quick recovery, and wish Trabilsia's family strength. Ghazi

  17. Our Prayers are with Tarek, Aunt Trabilsia & her family.
    Thanks Khadija for the update :)

  18. Our duas are with Tarek and his family...may Allah grant him full recovery and may He give his family the strength to get through this...ameen thuma ameen

    May Allah turn this tragedy into something full of kheyr...ameen thuma ameen

  19. Dear Trabilsia ,
    my heart goes out to you and your son, may allah heal him and comfort you heart and soul.

    may allah bless you and ur family
    in shaa allah labas 3leh.


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