Friday, June 01, 2007

Exam results!

Yesterday the results were out for exams.....

Drum roll please!..........

Nora - passed! Mumtaz!!! (that's excellent in English) We're not sure what her class rank is yet. We'll check on it next week, but I hope she was first!

Sara - passed!
Definitely not near the top in her class but then she's not the academic one in the family. I am certainly happy she passed because she is the biggest pouter and cryer of all my kids and we'd have had to put up will all kinds of noise if she'd failed - so thank God she made it!

Yusef - passed! Jaid Jidan!!! (that's very good in English) He was so happy he came running in and grabbed me in a great big bear hug.

Jenna - passed! Jaid Jidan!!! - jumping up and down and spitting mad because she didn't get Mumtaz! Even I am wondering about that one... the exam results were posted and we'll have to wait for the report cards to see what subject(s) pulled her grade down.

To celebrate I told the kids I would take them out to dinner. Yusef said 'I'm not hanging out with a bunch of females! Can I have money to take my friends out to Pizza House?' So I forked over some cash. I took the girls, along with my secretary out to dinner, then some shopping and then a stop at the ice cream place in Zawia Damani. We had lots of fun!

Now there is only Adam left. He starts his exams on Sunday... It will be July by the time we find out his results. But for now we are all happy and ready to face the summer.


  1. Congratulations, what a fantastic results ,mashalah.

  2. Alf mabrouk; your kids are doing you honor.

  3. Congratulations,
    great news realy...
    i miss the thrill of waiting for a result of an exam.
    great job
    Benghazi Citizen

  4. Mabroooooooook to the kids!!! Oh God I love great exam results!! :)

  5. Thanks for dropping by and also for the tip,

    Have a nice weekend with your smart family :)

  6. Congratulations Nora, Sara, Yusef, and Jenna we’re so proud of you, and now you can enjoy the Summer vacation in anyway you like. Go ahead and make demands. You deserve it. Adam you too.

  7. Wonderful kids.. Congrats tycoons.. now ur family must be v proud of all of u, as we all proud of u. hard job is done n now u deserve the rewards. Did she promise u any thing!! No way around it, u have every right to claim all that promises

  8. Congratulations, MashaAllah.. now they deserve a fun vacation :o)

    InshaAllah Adam will pass with great grades too..

  9. Congratulations Nora,Yosef,Sara, Jenna and Omm Yosef.
    Alf mabrouk, en shaa Allah deema heki menworeen ! "???can't translate it" Wa en shaa Allah deema Far7aneen "always happy"

    Yeah keepsmile

  10. Congratulations, Masha Allah, great results, say Mabrouk to all.


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