Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LTT Sucks!

I've finished my 5 gbs for this month's allotment of adsl. I'll be able to get back on adsl after midnight on Saturday. In the meantime I'm on dial-up or making a trip to the neighbourhood internet cafe.

With dial-up I can internet from home, dressed as I like, but it's extremely slow. At the internet cafe the connection is a little faster but I'll be stuck sitting with a whole bunch of weird people and the internet isn't open in the morning when I'm free (and I can't go there at 2 in the morning either).

I wish LTT would get their act together and provide better service. I can't understand why you can't just purchase an extra few gigas when you need them. Better yet would be if they offered more to begin with.... sigh...

Anyway, if you email me and I don't get back with you right away it's because I am stuck in internet limbo... I've probably clicked on reply... but it's just taking forever to get there. Eventually I will get back with you... I hope so... I really do.



    We have already spent 300LYD extra since the 13th of June, because we finished the 5gb of the month, it's so freaking ridicules!!

  2. Sorry, know about those internet cafes. Best of Luck!


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