Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Links to add

Here are some more links to add to my collection. And here is the disclaimer that goes along with them:

"Please remember that even though I am adding these links their writers may not hold the same views as I do. Also there are some blogs that are written in Arabic or other languages besides English. Although I can speak Libyan Arabic (my grammar is awful, but comical) I can neither read nor write Arabic, or any other language."

krekma - Krekma is a North African game, used to be popular when parents and relatives wanted to put kids to sleep. - I'm not sure the blog will put you to sleep!

Just Keepsmile 5 - a Libyan in Toronto

Tripoli blogger - an Arabic and English blog

Libyan Mental TV - Video blogging in Libya!

Sweet World - a communications engineer in Tripoli

My Mind Room - Iranian female expat in Libya

Journey of life - Libyan, ibeebarbie looks at life from California.

Fatboy - Young Libyan boy in Tripoli

On the edge of something - A must read blog from the Condo By The Sea!

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