Sunday, June 24, 2007

Plodding through my inbox

Finally, I am off dial-up and back on adsl. This morning I logged on to sort out my mail situation. I had hardly been able to even approach my email on dial-up because the connection was so weak and I kept getting cut off, so today I plow through and weed out all the junk. And believe me there is lots of it!

It is amazing what people will send you. I don't mind reading jokes... but I hate the fwd:fwd:fwd:fwd: that people send. At least have the courtesy to remove the addresses of the five thousand people that have forwarded the email before you.

And then there are people who will email you the weather report for your area.... I know what the weather is in Tripoli! I live here remember!

Hardly anyone wrote to tell me the news in their life. My mom wrote me her usual note, IN ALL CAPS, AS USUAL - makes me wonder if she is yelling at me. She wrote to say she was still having problems with her computer... I wish my siblings would straighten it out for her. I live too far away to do it myself and mom's been complaining about her computer for well over a year now.... sigh....

Then there are those that think I need to read their horoscope... now why would I care what their horoscope is??

Delete, delete, delete.. I keep hitting the delete button. I should be finished going through my inbox sometime this month...

Anyway, I am back online. The weather is HOT here and my friend's horoscope sounds ominous... or was that mine?..... sigh....


  1. wow u mast have had avery busy day :)

  2. Ok school marm ... message recieved loud and clear ! LOL !

  3. Your sounding a bit grouchy. At least people love you!

  4. Internet withdrawal and the extreme heat the past week has made me very grumpy! Ggggrrrrr!


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