Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wedding, gold? and a fellow blogger!

I survived the wedding.. it was actually kind of nice because my friend asked that the music not be so loud and for the most part you could actually have a conversation. One of my most favourite ex-students was there and I enjoyed catching up on her life. Also saw lots of friends that I haven't seen in ages. The food was wonderful and way too much to ever finish no matter how hard anyone tried - and of course the aroosa (bride) was beautiful, masha'allah!

For those of you that are waiting for the gold update... alas.. I didn't get the gold set that I wanted... but it's still there in the shop window and I have hopes that I may still get it. Actually my mother in law said she thought I deserved two gold sets not one! - Yes! I love that woman!

Last week I met Libyan blogger Mani. It turned out that it was his birthday so he brought the pizza and I provided the cake. We had a nice time - it was like we'd known each other for years. He's funny and talks a blue streak...

Sorry I didn't get any pictures.. of Mani or the wedding. For some reason I am not in the mood for pictures.. You may have noticed my last few posts have been imageless. But have no fear.. I feel a new 'Where is this?' challenge may be happening soon.


  1. Can´t you just take his credit card and charge him for the gold?

    (does Libya have any ATM´s yet???)

    Nice you chatted with mani - not nice you forgot the camera, because there is always someone picking his nose just behind him LOL!

  2. Salam,,

    here are the second set of tacticz to be used in order to obtain the gold set aka the target from now on.

    1. Sleep Deprevation ( Change position of the bed)

    2. Take photo's of the golden set and post them everywhere in the house,,, ( to tease him)

    3. Start a lybian equivilant of a piggy bank, and put it next to the door, and force everyone ( that uses the house facilities) to contribute !

    4. threaten you'll ebay one of the kids in order to buy the set :) JUST jooooooooking, im sure all of them are very adorable children :)mashalah !

    finally... show us a photo of the set, so we can all drewl :)

  3. glad to hear u r having fun Khadija...honestly we should have a blog meeting, not fair only few get to meet
    happy birthday to mani
    I have a feeling if u following mohamed's tips u'll get da set...lol
    LOL @ mohamed, ebay one of da kids...lol

    Safia, we do have few ATMs in few places, but I don't think u can buy gold using ur CC yet...lol

  4. heeeeeeeey Teri :P :P salam ma'am .. soo glad you didnt have a camera im over-exposed as it is muhahahaha.. yalla .. it was a great feast and an even better chat.. looking foreward to meet everybody else :).. c u soon

  5. I hope you get the gold set soon. Maybe you can design a banner that says "Mustafa must buy Gold set for KhadejaTeri" and then we could put them up on our blogs or something?

    Its nice to know you met Mani! everyone seems to be getting a peice of Mani :D

    too bad no picture...

  6. hey why dont you get ur mother in law to tell him to get u the gold set thats a good idie

  7. I am rooting for you. Just pout and stick your lower lip out real far. After he trips on it he will fall over, hit his head, lose his senses, and when that happens you can tell him to get you the gold!!

  8. update !!!

    need update !!

  9. i see now i win he from fri market sity


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