Saturday, June 16, 2007

a funeral and some chicken

This afternoon I found out I had a funeral to go to. I found out right after I'd polished my nails. The girls thought I should remove the polish but I thought it was suitable because it's black... with sparkles... and it's only on my toes. I put on thick stockings instead.

The funeral was for my brother in law's wife's father who's been sick and on the verge of dying for ages... but still the women got hysterical; screaming, crying and fainting. I can never understand this. To me it is so ridiculous, especially because they can be crying and moaning one minute and talking about what's for dinner the next. Like they can turn on and off the emotion with a switch or something. Totally bizarre!

After going to the funeral (which I will probably have to show my face to every day for the next few days), I stopped and got chicken for Yusef and his friends. Yusef's been begging me since morning for three chickens to grill up on the roof with his friends. They're up there now, grilling away... it smells wonderful.... I hope they remember to send me down a taste at least.


  1. I never understand why they have to scream and cry out loud, but I guess its like any other tradition we have, and I guess it’s the same tradition with the Catholics here in UK when they have some sort of wake for the dead person by uncovering the coffin and have drinks while he/she inside the room of the house, then they move him to the church and left for a week before burial, talking about bizarre !

  2. If they don´t wail, it´s a bad sign and people will talk about the deseased as if he was a bad man with a family who doesn´t like him!

    Men on the roof???? Now, that´s bizarre!

  3. Some people can't help but put a show on as a sign of grief ("part of tradition")
    In some cultures, funerals are synonym of colourful celebration since the lost one will go in a better place...

    I sure would have loved some of that chicken!
    AH kids!

  4. they might have really loved him and I think that the screaming and all that its not really unacceptable behavior in our Muslim religion because at the time that they are screaming the should be praying for him but hey this is Libyan traditions


  5. why don't you leave and let peopl leave khadeja,,:S

  6. Anonymous... how could I leave? There are people in Libya who need me. Or do you mean 'live and let live'?

  7. Fatboy is right, the screaming, crying like that, it is not in Islam.

    If the guy was decent, say some prayers and hope he is in a better place.

    I never understood what this was all about. Some with here in the West where people who couldnt stand somebody will say the most outrageous things once they die.


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