Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Heat is On!

The weather has become scorching hot here in Tripoli. Everyone is complaining about the oppressive heat.

Today I was home all morning, inside the comfort of air conditioning. When I finally went outside I was immediately surrounded by hot air. I opened the door to the car and was blasted by a wave of blistering heat that was so hot I thought about just closing the door and going back upstairs. Unfortunately I had a list of errands that couldn't wait so I reached inside the car with one arm, put the key in the ignition and turned it on. I decided it would be best to open all the windows and turn on the AC before I actually got inside. After a few minutes I climbed into the driver's seat but it was still sizzling inside the car.

When I got home all I could think was to get upstairs and head straight for the fridge and cold water. Shortly after that the electricity went out... No electricity means no air conditioning, no lights, no water... no water because the water tank is filled by a pump that runs on electricity. Panic! No water - just when I was hoping to have a shower!

After about 45 minutes the electricity came back on and I headed straight for the bathroom. The water was boiling hot... that's because the water tank is outside in the hot sun all day. So forget about having a refreshing cool shower during the summer.

I'm going to just stay inside next to the air conditioner until fall.. and pray the electricity doesn't go off.

How are you coping with the heat?


  1. With skipping my class,but not anymore.sorry :P

  2. The only heat I have to take is my ride from work to home, yesterday I was so cold I had to go downstairs to soak up some heat...lol but Alhamduliallah, as long as I am in doors either at work or home I am in heaven; I do have 101 million things to do but that can wait

  3. Seems like almost every part of Tripoli (maybe every part of Libya too) experienced electricity failure yesterday!!!

    So far we’re coping alhamdolilah, unless "God forbid" the electricity goes off again!!

  4. All I can say that Alhamduliallah the weather here in London is much cooler, cos I've been told about the heat wave hitting Tripoli and I just hate the hot weather.

  5. Whats happening with the electricity in tripoli? everyone is complaining about electricity cuts anyway all i can say is "May god be with you" and takecare

    Fe Aman Allah

  6. My friend Bart Cleary from Scottsdale, Arizona sent me an email with a link to excite Tripoli weather page and when I read the temperature was 113F I said oh my God. When I was living in Tripoli I do not remember the temperature ever reached above 100F . So definitely the global warming is on. Here in Los Angeles my central heating system is still running every night, the temperature last night was 56F degrees and we still getting night and early morning thick fog which we call it here in California the marine layer or June glooms, but as if today we're starting a 2 weeks heat wave with the temperature in upper 80's to mid 90's. I wish you all in Libya a good luck and temperature cooling, soon.

  7. Heat? I l o v e heat; in fact, airconditioners make me catch a cold almost every time, so when in hotter countries I simply turn them off; afterwards I´ll have to fight with family members and other people who do not share my opinion about air conditioners.

    The best thing during heat is to take it easy, relax and eat lotsa chilli! And of course move out of the city!!


  8. I would love to be sitting by the ocean in Tajura again this summer. Even in 106 degree weather it was so lovely. My hubby promised that we all will be there next year. Got to get busy building a new home so we can stay after the boys finish school.


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