Friday, June 08, 2007

Gold update

I'm working on convincing the man I married that having a 2,800 dinar gold set is an absolute necessity. This morning I tried on the new dress and shoes and paraded around the living room in them for him to see.

'That gold set I saw would be just perfect with this, wouldn't it?' I asked. (Using question tags is a popular trick that salespeople use because the other person will usually respond with a yes.)

'Hmmm...' he replied, eyes still focussed on Aljazeera.

I pretend I'm a model on the runway... stopping to do a spin every time I get in front of the TV, making sure to point out the slit that goes way up the back of the skirt and the fluid movement of the chiffon.

'You know that gold set I saw has emeralds in it. Emeralds would look perfect with this dress, wouldn't they?' I ask, making sure to use another question tag.

'It's 9am on a Friday morning. The shop isn't open yet.' was his reply. I smile and go change back into a house dress. He hasn't said 'No.'

The game has just begun... I hope I win. I will keep you updated.


  1. Hello KT, my sister said you are so funny and you will probably get it. We are staying tuned! Sandi

  2. try talking to him while hes sleeping, hypnosis can work :)

  3. LOL! I try that the whole time and it doesn't work.. I just go and buy whatever I want anyway! Good luck.

  4. Good Luck...He didnt say no so keep tyring..:P

  5. Hay Teri,
    Sounds very sexy with that slit up the back? Maybe you can entice him a bit more. 'Work it Grl'


  6. hi there,

    quite an interesting post,,,

    try :

    1. Reverse Psycology
    2. Cuisine Tactics
    3. Hostage Negociationz
    4. hmmmm try these and ill let you know what to do next :)



  7. It will not work... you have to capture your husband's attention... he was gazing at Al Jazeera and I don't think he was aware of his surrounding.

    While not saying no doesn't mean it is a "Yes", he probably wanted to change subject by ending it!

    You should try cooking him his favorite meal... and then when you sense he has enjoyed it, give him the news... and watch his reaction.

  8. Cuisine Tactics... lol... the way to a mans heart is through his stomach... uuugh..

    Today he is off at the farm dealing with Egyptian workers... Mesri = misery... he will come home in a bad mood... sigh...

    Time to think about what to cook for lunch...uuugh

  9. your and my latest posts have been featured in
    I believe the link expires in 24 hours :o)

  10. Anglo - yeah I saw that... I'm always amazed that people find my boring life so interesting.... lol ... maybe I'll publish a book one day and see if i can make some money off the rubbish I write..... hehehe

    Keep posting Anglo... the world is watching and reading!! Congrats!

  11. congrats to you too sister Khadija

    I think most of us would agree that your blog is a firm favourite :o)

  12. Don't give up! keep trying, after they want to see us happy right?

  13. hi

    ihope u get the gold set asnd here is an old saying that the way to a mans heart is his stomach so i hope u make him a fine dinner

  14. It sounds like a scene from "I LOVE LUCY" --- LOL

  15. GOOD LUCK!
    I can hear him saying after you buy it "I NEVER SAID YOU COULD BUY THAT!" These guys never listen!

  16. First, you are SO funny! Just imagining the scene is hilarious (and sexy).
    Second, my personl advice (it would work for me) is the cuisine technique suggested. Maybe threatening not cooking these delicious meals!

    Keep us updated.

  17. LOL that was funny, even though I am not a gold lover but I know how essential it is for our Libyan weddings..:o(.. so GOOD LUCK again!

  18. is he from frimarket sity


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