Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Are you still using dial-up?

There are actually many, many people still using dial-up in Libya. ADSL is available here but most people consider it way too expensive - 200 dinars to start up the service and than 50 dinars a month after that. That's a lot of money considering the average salary in Libya is about 250 dinars a month.

One of my friends told me she would visit my blog more often if it would only open faster for her on her painfully slow dial-up connection. So I've found a solution for all of you stuck in this dilemma.

Mowser is a proxy service used for people connecting to the internet via their mobile phones. It offers users the chance to view pages on the net that are free of all the bulk of unnecessary HTML and JAVA script. What you get is just the basics - the text and a smaller version of the images.

So here's my blog's link using Mowser:

What do you think? It's really useful, isn't it?


  1. You are a caring, considerate person! You care about your readers! I love your blog :)

  2. I have ADSL account but as you said it's quite expensive for the average libyan life so I only pay for it when I know I need it but like now since I know I am going to be busy the rest of the month I just keep my self on the boring dial up connection

    thank you so the web site you showed us I really didn't know about it but I had a solution of my own to this slow connection , I am using firefox browser and I set it on not viewing the images so this way I get to open the pages faster .

    p.s to post a comment I needed a word verification so I had to enable images and come back

  3. i dont have until now to any kind of internet cos i have fixed wirlees phone to this kind of phones the post combny didnt want to give this servese to users

  4. any user could disable these fancy pictures, banners or any kind of media which slows down dial ups connection by clicking on >tools>internet options>advance> multimedia , then un-tick any unwanted feature, therefore speeding up the downloading of any text, I hope this is helpful tip.


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