Saturday, May 26, 2007

A wasted afternoon

I woke up this morning thinking I had overslept. I looked at my watch and found it was only seven. I lay in bed trying to get back to sleep but it was impossible so I got up to face the day.

The house was quiet with everyone else still sleeping so I was able to eat my breakfast in peace. Then I got dressed and started my day. When I got outside I found the air was still and seemed thick and smokey. The sky looked overcast as though it was going to rain and the temperature was HOT and I knew it was going to just get even hotter as the day progressed.

A trip to the bakery, then to the butcher shop for meat, then off to a meeting. On the way home a stop at the vegetable market. In the house and straight into the kitchen. Lunch: rishta kiskas along with two kinds of salad.

The afternoon today is like a furnace. The heat is making everyone just want to stay indoors, wasting away the afternoon sleeping. This is one thing that I hate about Libya - the time wasted while everyone lolls around for hours every afternoon, especially in the summer.... sigh...


  1. oh no Khadija I hate it too.. last summer I started work at seven finished at 3 ran home for a quick bite and shower and then to teach english at 4 all the way til 9 .. but when i left the house at 4.. the streets were so empty it was fantastic.... Im really dreading the heat this summer.. need to get a mokayyef at home :(

  2. ...and now you out the recipe with pictures on Our Favorite Recipe´s Blog, thank you!

    - later you convince the Family leader to build a swimming pool on your country mansion.

    - and finally you upload the pictures of the opening party for us all to enjoy.


  3. how about today ha
    a burning summer we gonna have don't you think
    ya satir o khalas

  4. Come to Florida and waste away in the AC all summer

  5. I love rishtet kyskas yummy.. but I am not sure about that meat, you said you bought it from the butcher then gone to a meeting, did you actually leave it inside the car till you gone home? just wondering, cause under that heat it would be sizzling :o).

  6. It can be realy hot here in Benghazi to,but-considering my experience-Tripoli can be worse in summer because of the humidity..
    God, I really need to fix my car A.C
    Benghazi Citizen


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