Friday, June 30, 2006

Six things

I found this on red enclave's blog and thought I would give it a shot.

Six weird facts, things or habits about yourself:

1. I love spiders. Most people find that pretty weird. If I find them in the house I leave them be. This means I've got spider webs hanging about here and there. Actually if the web looks deserted I remove it, but one's with a spider residing inside are left.

2. I don't particularly like children. Most people assume if you've got six of them then you must love kids. But this is not the case. I managed to stay kid- free for the first six years of my marriage. After arriving in Libya I ended up having a whole slew of kids because in the 90s there wasn't that many choices when it came to birth control in Libya and so here I am with six. I do love the children I have, but I probably wouldn't have had so many if I could have avoided it.

3. I say 'Elhamdulillah!' (Thank Allah!) a lot. I know this habit aggravates people and I used to feel self-conscious about this habit, but then I thought about it and realized that you get blessings every time you say it and since I can use all the blessings I can get people will just have to live with my habit. When the doctor woke me up from my surgery and asked me how I was. He said the first thing I said was 'Elhamdulillah!' He was so pleased.

4. I'm always on a quest for knowledge. When I was a kid I would read encyclopedias from cover to cover. If I don't learn something new everyday I feel like I've missed out somehow. I also like to learn about things that interest my friends. It gives me something to talk about and share with them. The result of this is that I have knowledge about things that I probably wouldn't have bothered to learn otherwise.

5. I'm punctual and I hate for people to be late. This is extremely frustrating to deal with in a country where hardly anyone gets anywhere on time (and sometimes they don't arrive at all).

6. I think I look at things differently than most people. I notice things that others somehow miss.

OK - go ahead and try your hand at 6 weird facts, things or habits about yourself. Just do me a favour and leave a comment so we can all have a look.


  1. You love spiders huh, read this:
    Once I lived in Burbank, California, one day I was preparing a sandwich in the kitchen and all of a sudden I heard a woman's scream coming from my backyard I ran outside to see my Swedish neighbor running towards my backdoor with wet hair and totally naked, in her hand was a bath towel, she was visibly shaking, shivering, and still screaming I thought she was being raped or robbed, I took her towel and wrapped it around her, then I tried to calm her down but to no avail, when I could not get a word out of her I called 911 emergency hotline but before the police arrived she said after she got out of the shower a spider was on her bathroom floor near the door, so she jumped out of the bathroom window then climbed the fence to my backyard. Off course I laughed along with the two police officers and we all had a photo taken with Swedish Christina in the middle wrapped in her white towel.

  2. 6 weird facts...only 6????

    Okay, here are the most annoying ones:

    1) I am utterly and consummately weird. I know for sure, because people perpetually ask me what and who am - getting a new answer every time. I´m soooo tired of the question: "Where are you from?" - why people never ask me: "Where are you headin´?". Hmm...maybe the answer to that one would be superfluous?!

    2) Stubborn - sometimes I just bite and keep going. One of my favorite sentiment is "If you really want it, you´ll get it!" - of course, once I have it, I sometimes find out I shouldn´t have wanted it, but that´s the price any consistent stiff-neck has to pay from time to other.

    3)Once I overheard my daughter telling a friend: "My mother is a nerd" - and I don´t even wear glasses!!!

    4)During marksmanship contests I always hit the target a little to the left and over. I know I have to compensate by aiming under and to the right - but that doesn´t come natural to me.

    5)Potatochips gluttony - preferable with sour cream and onion or just plain chili - they don´t have thye last one here in Denmark, so I´ll usually bring loads of chili potato chips bags with me from abroad and the custom dude always rolls his eyes when he opens a suitcase propped with chili potato chips.

    6)A little positive statement: I´m not just a psycho but sometimes also a psychic; I don´t remember a single time I lost my way even in places I´ve never been before. You can tell me any spot and I´ll find it without a map - sooner or later.

    I cpould go on and on talking about myself - but wouldn´t that be like a number 7?


  3. I don't know if you would find it difficult for you to even think of 6 weird things about yourself. But I do, so when I read yours I felt mine was stupid & rubbis. I too hate waiting for people, I've got no patience hence no tolerance of people who are late! It gives me a bad mood & spoills my day!

  4. Mahmud! How funny!

    Safia - you seem pretty normal to me.

    Red enclave - I like your list - it's direct and to the point. My list is too wordy. I get carried away with myself sometimes.

  5. 1. I too love to read the Encyclopedia and the telephone books back in the States . You can learn alot that way .
    2. I love music and can acheive exstasy from just listening to certain music .
    3.I love Libya , go figure !
    4.I seem to gravitate toward the weird People .
    5.Get so BORED with being good all the time !!!!!
    6.Aganst all better judgment, love my husband of 35 years .

    5. I TRUST TOO MUCH and justify it.......didn't get it that people have to EARN trust, 6. I NEVER CARED IF I WAS LATE, HA! (didn't know how to get organized) another thing I learned about me this week. Oh so many revelations. THAT'S IT FOR NOW SANDI


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