Sunday, June 11, 2006 hell of a long time!

All this business of going to funerals and contemplating life and death has got me thinking. . . . They say in Islam that if you die and go to paradise you will be with your spouse for eternity. Actually they say all kinds of things. . . and probably at the rate I'm going these days, I'll most likely find the bouncers at the gates tossing me out on my ear.

In any case, I'm not sure I find the idea of spending eternity with my husband very inviting. Will he still spend most of his time watching Aljazeera? Will he still complain about my cooking? Will he still have the annoying habit of stopping sentences midway - leaving me waiting for the end of the sentence? And what about the other annoying habits he has. . . . will I have to put up with THOSE for eternity too?

Eternity. . . why does the word eternity have such a negative connotation?

What would life be like if I couldn't torture my poor husband? hehehe


  1. Keep the post, your thoughts are normal.

  2. A man and a woman met in Heaven, and after a period of getting to know one another, they decided to get married. They went to God and told him of their desire to unite. God was somewhat puzlled by their request; after all, this is Heaven! But seeing he strength of their commitment, God promised to find them a religious authority (Sheikh, Priest, Rabi, take your pick) to perform the ceremony. It took God five years to find a religious authority in Heaven! (lol lol lol) Afer all the waiting, the couple got their wish. A year or so later, things are not going so well between them-- too many distractions, I suppose! They decided after some thought they'd get divorced. They went to God and told him they needed to be officially divorced. God said angrily, "It took me five years to find a clergyman for you, but where in the Heavens do you expect me to find you a lawyer?"

    All that's needed for the eternity problem is to petition (or bribe) the gate keepers to let in some lawyers. They'll take care of the rest!

  3. Oh Suliman! How perfect! I won't have to put up with Mustafa and his annoying habits after all - he's a lawyer! lololololololol

  4. dont worry ur husband will be occupied with other women(72 if i am correct), U get to pick weather u want to stay with him or not, and good looking men will serve ur every inkling desire. This is what i got from the hadith and the Quran and this is how i put it toghther. As far as Aljezera goes, godwilling we will never have to view that retched thing again. i was addicted to it, and to other news organizations and forms of media, I just had to stop watching and reading to keep my sanity, i had to concentrate on things which are not so troubling.

    Redenclave:) If u r single u wont be for very

  5. Hmmm if what Libyan warrior is saying is true then I wil pick Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom simultaneously ....

  6. Teak care in this life tomorrow another day and he is your husband try respect your own your inside your children

  7. I like what Libyan Warrior had to say so checked your blog ..... man ... you have got to get a grip! Angry young man for real !Do you really think any woman ENJOYS being beaten ?Re-think that one honey .

  8. You're right. Words, such as eternity, infinity, forever are very hard to grasp by our brain cells. May be Sulman's interpretation is quite our understanding level.


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