Thursday, June 22, 2006


I looked at my site statistics and found I've had over 20 thousand visitors. That's quite amazing!

I started this blog as a way to keep my family and friends back in the USA updated about my life here in Libya. It's kind of taken off and evolved into something a bit more than a journal of my boring life. Yes, my life is boring, but I try to be entertaining and also add pictures.

As well as comments on my blog, I get lots of off the blog emails from people all over the world. All kinds of people send me email: People who have family here in Libya, Libyans who were born and raised outside of Libya, Libyans who left and dream about the good old days, people who lived or worked at the old US airbase Wheelus, people whose father's died in Libya during the war and are buried in the war cemetary here, researchers and others interested in the Arab/Middle East/Islamic world, and lots of email from people wanting to do business here or move here, and of course people who want to come as tourists. I also get mail from people who have no connection at all with Libya or me - they just like reading my blog.

I try to answer the emails I get - but it's nearly impossible to answer everything. I do have a life beside this blog - a demanding job and 6 demanding kids as well as a husband (he's not demanding anymore - I think he's given up). So if you send me an email and I don't get back to you it's not because I'm ignorring you - I'm just busy.

Lost of people find my blog by looking on search engines. I can look on the site statistics and find out what words they put in to find me. Here's a list of keywords:

libyan drivers
aisha gaddafi
ladies tripoli libya
nude khadija
cactus jack entrance video
lady gharian
nura nalut
aisha gaddafi husband
from the halls of montezuema
have a representative call me now
going nude at home kids
Libyan ladies seeking a husband
Libyan passports
libya tmc hospital
email contact muslim male seaking female with there current profile
chinese jumprope
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supermarkets tripoli libya

The 'nude khadija' and 'going nude at home kids' is funny. I think if they saw me nude they would either laugh themselves silly or get totally grossed out - lol! Maybe there is a porn queen out there somewhere named Khadija - hahaha. Of course 'Libyan ladies seeking a husband' is just soooo typical! And the 'cactus jack entrance video' I can't figure out at all. What on earth is cactus jack? And why is he making an entrance?

I've stumbled across many Libyan and Libyan related blogs, many because they read my blog and write to me or comment on my blog. I add them to my sidebar - and the list is really growing! Some of them write to tell me they were inspired to begin blogging after reading my blog. I find that fantastic as blogging is such a nice way to express yourself.

There's another new Libyan blogger - Go check out: Our Little Family Adventures - the blog of a Libyan family who live in the UK. I've added it to my sidebar for future reference.

Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Thanks. I'm one of those inspired to begin bloging, and I find your writing very relevant and inspiring. Wa ela al ammam!

  2. congrats on your landmark of 20k visitors.... everyone that i have shown your blog to has shown it to someone else.... i dont think it will take much longer then 9 months or so to get 40k visitors.... hugs and love holly

  3. YOU are such an inspiration to many of us. I am recouping from the flu here in FL, and spent nearly all day reading your blog it. I can see how the US gov. spent nearly 8 hours on your show such much about the libyan culture and how you think.....haha! love it Sandi

  4. Yes Khadija ,thanks a lot for inspiring me .
    I still can't find enough time for blogging though, I really would like to know how you manage(have any elfs around to help you out lol!!!). I too have a family of 5 kids and a typical Libyan husband .Your blog really makes my day.When you don't blog I'll keep wondering as to what you'll be doing next !

  5. You are doing wonderful.
    Go Forward.


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